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International Ecotourism Monthly

Year 4, Issue 42, Nov. 2002

Advisories, Lies and Videotapes.

Travel advisories, usually by "western" governments, are a regular feature in "today's violent world". Government websites, publications and radio communications every day "warn" tourists, usually of the mass or business variety, not to travel to a particular resort, city, or even country. These travel advisories usually trigger clauses in travel insurance policies and this is the avenue through which pressure is exerted - not to go or to leave immediately - via the tour operator to the tourist. At the destination end, however, travel advisory warnings are invariably seen as too general, exaggerated, or even that they are a sort of punishment / revenge by the west for failure to protect their citizens. Issuing governments are usually slow to modify them and to lift them, usually after some behind the scenes deals, to put it politely. No one disputes however that travel advisories harm local tourist economies and may even be the last straw, perpetuating the problem instead of supporting the local community at a difficult moment. We believe tourists can read and decide for themselves, they do not like to be patronised, at least no more than they would like to read government newspapers with the "absolute truth" in them. Not to mention that governments do in fact add advisory tags everywhere: "don't smoke" on the cigarette packs, "don't drink" on liquor bottles (and why not "don't call" on mobile phones?). And then this is a very good excuse for taxing these harmful things: taxes on cigarettes alone can pay for a country's defence budget and for equally "harmful" weapons, while the resulting "commissions" can keep everyone happy and healthy...And some, for example the state of Nevada, go even further, opting to tax previously harmful sectors such as drugs and prostitution. Thus, the emphasis of advisories is perpetuation, rather than solution or progress. So my advisory to you is: "beware of advisories", (excluding this one :-)
- Antonis B. Petropoulos, Director, ECOCLUB S.A.
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NGOs in Tourism & Conservation Conference - Great Success
The conference, organised by and sponsored by, was attended by over 160 leading professionals from around the world representing all sides of the argument and produced interesting information and proposals. 
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New Expert Members join our all-star Experts Team

We welcome the following Experts to our Expert Member team:

* Mr Jerry R. A-Kum, Lecturer and Quality Assurance Manager, in Guyana.
Contact at:

* Dr. Lehlohonolo Moeti, Academic, in Lesotho
Contact at:


* Mr. Nick Polychronidis, Environmental Technology Entrerpreneur, Greece

New Volunteer associates 

Romania  - Equestrian center at Lunca Ilvei
Equestrian Centre at Lunca Ilvei, Romania
Photo by Stephen Mak

ECOCLUB proudly announces that during the past month it has accepted two Volunteer associates who already help the club in important ways. They are Mr. Stephen Mak, based in Oxford, UK and Ms. Larisa Basanets, based in Moscow, Russia. We thank them both ! Weekly Chat ! 

Many people turn up at the Chat Centre to chat every day, but they usually miss each other by a few minutes. To avoid this, starting on Thursday 21 November, every Thursday at 9 in the morning (Greenwich Mean Time), we will have one hour of chat called the Eastern Hemisphere Eco Chat, and every Thursday at 9 in the evening (GMT) we will be holding the Western Hemisphere EcoChat also for one hour. The ECOCLUB director will also try to be there to take your questions. So the place is: and the time is Thursdays at 9 am and 9 pm (GMT). Let's coordinate !

CVM GRANO SALIS*:  Charity "Confrontations"

"...The goal is not to kill people, but you can't just declare a national park and assume that the animals will be safe. There will be some confrontations and you have to assume there will be gunfire...'' 

- Dr. Bruce Hayse, Wyoming resident who funds a 400-strong anti poaching army in Central African Republic

*Cum Grano Salis: latin for "with a grain of salt", phrase appears in Gaius Plinius Secundus's "Historia Naturalis". Plinius suggested we take everything with a grain of salt...


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