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Year 4, Issue 44, Jan. 2003


Ecotourism in the Time of War.

A movement is a group of people with a common ideology who try together to achieve certain general goals. ECOCLUB believes Ecotourism is indeed a Movement to change tourism and not a mere tourism segment or a niche, or a gimmick to receive funds, or a way to tame restless communities. Unfortunately not everyone that appears to be active within our movement are idealists. Some are in it rather for profit and self-promotion or with secret agendas. Still, the ecotourism movement should not antagonise these types, they have a role to play too - they are the predators in our ecosystem. The various factions of the ecotourism and the greater ecology & progress movement, should also avoid competing between themselves and picking up endless definitional and territorial fights - 

 "straining a gnat only to swallow a camel". This is hardly the time: the world and tourism of course, is changing to the worse. We may be going back to the middle ages when hordes would clash endlessly for years. And beyond major atrocities - we have already seen carnage in resorts among other places, you see regular mindless violence in sports grounds, inner cities, and sadly soon as it seems, live again on CNN. In this moment, a genuine ecotourism, part of the greater ecological movement, which constitutes a vehicle for true interpersonal and intercultural understanding and true respect for human rights is needed more than ever. Genuine ecotourism, be it "romantic" or "utopian" in  today's neobarbaric order of affairs is also one of the few glimmers of hope.
-Antonis B. Petropoulos, Editor

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The Chicago Tribune (a major newspaper) in its January 12, Sunday edition, extensively reviews and four Ecolodge Members ! Read the article here. Thank you to Black Sheep Inn for spotting !

Ecolodge Members Renew Support

We sincerely thank The Cottages at Spring House Farm in North Carolina, USA and Eco Hotel Uxlabil Atitlan in Guatemala for renewing their Ecolodge Membership and support of

New Ecolodge Members

This month, we warmly welcome two genuine Ecolodges into the club, in the order of joining:

Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa

Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa, Queensland, Australia
A multi award-winning ecolodge renowned globally, in a lush tropical 30 acre valley surrounded by the World's oldest living rainforest.



Domitila Private Wildlife Reserve, Nicaragua

Domitila Private Wildlife Reserve, Nicaragua
Nicaragua's first private reserve, dedicated to conserving the wildlife and flora of one of the last remaining remnants of dry tropical forest on the Pacific coast of Central America.



New Expert Members

Two Ecotourism Experts have joined our Expert Member team:

* Mr Stephen Mak, based in Oxford, UK

* Mr. Debjit Dutta, based in Kolkata, India
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Two new quality reports are available free of charge at the Library:

Link Indigenous Stakeholder Conflicts as a Barrier to Potential Ecotourism Development 
by Godfrey Anyumba, Expert Member.


Link Ecotourism Plan for American Samoa
by Sooaemalelagi F, Brown, S. and Wasco, J.

New Volunteer Associate
Ms Melissa Morse of Seattle, USA, has joined as a new Volunteer Associate.

We welcome more volunteers in the fields of web design, news reporting, translations and promotion - for details email:

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"I would like to invite volunteers to explore the wealth of the Virgin Forest of ..... A
property of 7000 acres was acquired and will only be developed with only 1000 bungalow lots to be sold. The remains will be reserved.''
(Actual email sent to, name withheld)
- The "remains" indeed...

*Cum Grano Salis: latin for "with a grain of salt", phrase appears in Gaius Plinius Secundus's "Historia Naturalis". Plinius suggested we take everything with a grain of salt...


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