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Year 5-Issue 49, June 2003



The mass tourism season has now started in the Mediterranean and charter tourists are  frying around the omnipresent swimming pools of giant resorts touted by tour operators as children friendly resorts, so that in fact many now have developed shallow children pools for extra family fun. Fancy a swim in that hotel pool then? Why not, you will be in good company with dioxins, furans and trihalomethanes. In a study published this June, researchers found that young swimming pool enthusiasts who swam frequently had protein levels similar to those found in regular smokers, thanks to the good old chlorine in the pool water and an increased risk of developing asthma. So, go to the mega resort's sandy beach instead then? Emm, yes provided you do not step on them turtle eggs (and risk the hotel its ecocertificate), but hey think again, where does all this chlorinated pool water end up?  So just say no to this banality, and have a look at for some reality. Stay cool, outside the pool !

On the other hand, tourists have allegedly pulled out from the Mediterranean Balearic Islands (Majorca, Menorca & Ibiza) where an "Eco-tax" on tourism was applied last year. The eco-tax was very successful, or rather too successful for its own sake: At 1 Euro per tourist per night, it raised around EUROS 17 million and slightly cut visitor numbers. So the newly elected (right-wing) local government pledged to abolish it in the next few days. The tiny Balearic islands have a combined population of 800,000 and presently host 11 million tourists a year, presumably there is plenty of space for more?

Antonis B. Petropoulos, ECOCLUB Editor


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