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Year 6 - Issue 63

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IUCN WCPA: New guidance on conservation of mountains

This manual, co-authored by Lawrence Hamilton and Linda McMillan, provides recommendations for establishing and managing new protected areas in the mountain environment.

Margaret Lowman, "Ecotourism and Its Impact on Forest Conservation"
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Scientific Facts on Water Disinfectants & disinfectant by-products
Published by GreenFacts
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New Horizons in Tourism: Strange Experiences and Stranger Practices
Edited by T V Singh, Centre for Tourism Research and Development, Lucknow, India
September 2004
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Nordic action plan for sustainable tourism development
Report developed for the Nordic Council of Ministers Ad Hoc Working Group, and proposes a common Nordic Action Plan for sustainable tourism development.

Photovoltaics: Design & Installation Manual
Published by Solar Energy International, 2004
A new textbook manual on how to design, install and maintain a photovoltaic (PV) system

R. David Simpson, "Conserving Biodiversity through Markets: A Better Approach," 
Property and Environment Research Center Policy Series No.32, July 2004.
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Karen Higginbottom, "Wildlife Tourism: impacts, management and planning"
Published by CRC, Australia

Clas Eriksson, "Can green consumerism replace environmental regulation? - a differentiated-products example"
Resource and energy economics 26 (3, 2004) : 281-293
Finds green consumerism only modestly influential.
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Tim Johnson, The Herbage Database of Medicinal Herbs on CD-ROM, Fourth Edition
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