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ECOCLUB, Issue 94
ECOCLUB HEADLINES - News from ECOCLUB and our Members around the world
Report recognises ECOCLUB as leading alternative
internet promoter
A new Mintel International Report entitled "Eco-
accommodation, Travel & Tourism Analyst No.20"
showcases ECOCLUB S.A. as one of just two "internet-
based marketing agencies of niche alternative tourism
worldwide" that "build constituencies" and as "self-
sustaining businesses based on the marketing of goods and
services as well as drivers for the building of a sustainable
model of tourism". An interview with the ECOCLUB
Director Antonis B. Petropoulos, also appears in this
special report. Three ECOCLUB Ecolodge Partners, Black
Sheep Inn (Ecuador), The Pimenta (India) and Amazonat
(Brazil) are also showcased in the report.
E.U. Environment Commissioner: “Ecotourism can
certainly play a positive role”
Replying to a question posed to him by ECOCLUB on 15
October, in the context of a "live chat" on the occasion of
the International Blog Action Day for the Environment,
European Union Environment Commissioner Stavros
Dimas expressed his appreciation of the positive role of
Ecotourism in protecting nature and providing much
needed employment, however did not provide any further
details on specific policies.
The question was: "Does your directorate have any plans to
favour Ecotourism (Ecological Tourism), and low-key
responsible tourism in E.U. Protected Areas (National
Parks & Natura) so as to protect these areas from further
resort-style development?
Mr Dimas replied as follows:
" In response to: Ecoclub
Ecotourism can certainly play a positive role in both
helping Europeans to enjoy areas protected for nature while
at the same time promoting the small scale businesses
which can provide much needed employment in rural areas.
The Commission positively encourages this kind of
development which is more compatible with protecting the
environment of sensitive natural areas. Stavros"
New Director at TIES 
The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) announced
the sudden departure of its Executive Director, David
Sollitt, and his replacement by long-serving Board Member
and Chair, Dr Kelly Bricker. The official announcement at
the organisation's website is laconic about this
development. It reads: "One of the important aspects of the
organizational change and development is transition of the
Executive Director's position. With the departure of the
former Executive Director David Sollitt, Dr. Kelly Bricker,
who has served for the past three years as TIES Board
Chair, and for over seven years as a member of the Board,
has assumed the position of acting Executive Director of
TIES." David Sollitt had been appointed Executive
Director in February 2007, taking over from Martha
Honey, and during his tenure TIES successfully co-
organised the World Ecotourism Conference in Oslo, in
May 2007 and the North American Ecotourism Conference
in Madison, Wisconsin in September 2007.
Belize: Punta Gorda marks Responsible Tourism Day
PUNTA GORDA, BELIZE (9 November 2007)
The first Toledo Tourism Expo (TOLTEX) took place in
Punta Gorda on Saturday, 10 November from 10:00-17:00.
Timed to coincide with World Responsible Tourism Day
being held in at the World Travel Mart in London,
TOLTEX brought together all the various strands of nature,
culture and adventure which make Toledo a must see
destination for the responsible tourist.
Belize: World Heritage Site may be sold to developer,
In a letter to the Prime Minister of Belize, the Belize
Tourism Industry Association (BTIA), expresses its
'extreme concern' about recent media reports that the
Government intends to remove protection from 2,700 acres
(1,092 hectares) of the Bacalar Chico National Park to be
sold to a private developer. The Association points out that
the park is part of the Belize Barrier Reef a UNESCO
World Heritage Site, and exhibits one of Belize's most lush
coastal mangrove forests. Meanwhile, according to the
Belize Audubon Society, one of the areas also up for de-
reservation is the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. The
Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations
and the Belize Tourism Industry Association were also
planning a public event to voice their opposition, while
international bodies such as the World Bank and the UN
Foundations are also expected to press the Belize
Belize: New Eco-Museum opens
A new living museum of tropical treasures was inaugurated
on August 1, 2007 and is now waiting environment &
culture enthusiasts: The Belize Eco-Museum.
Visitors will
observe that natural and recycled resources were used in
the museum's construction and decoration, intended to
present the harmonious coexistence of local nature and
traditional Belizean culture through exhibits such as
"Belize Tropical Treasures", "Belize Nature Artistries",
"Butterfly Corridor", "Belize Stone Collection Painting",
"Expression of Orchid Garden", "Eco-Village", "Native
Belize Orchids & Bromeliads". The Belize Eco-Museum is
open from 8:30am to 4:30pm, 7 Days a week. The entrance
fee is $2.5 US per person with a complimentary Hibiscus
tea or coffee. The museum is located at 14.5 Mile, Western
Highway, conveniently located near Belize city and the
International airport and is a perfect, educational stop for
tour groups.
>> Details: 
Ecuador: New tour at Reserva Ecologica Pachijal
Reserva Ecologica Pachijal is glad to announce the
availability of a new all-inclusive tour named "A Collage
of Andean and Tropical Ecuador".
The tour which is 12
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