Fifteen new Ecotourism Experts have joined since the last issue and now offer a free basic consultancy to other Members ! 

They are as follows, in order of joining:

Dr. Clive Appleton, Ecologist, NEW ZEALAND
Mr. Vaibhav Chhibber, Social Worker, INDIA
Dr. Chris Southgate, Senior Lecturer, UK
Mr. Ben Lewis, Tour Guiding Teacher, AUSTRALIA
Mr. Leslie Chiang, Tour Operator, BRUNEI
Ms. Astrid Röder, Tour Operator, COSTA RICA
Mr. Jorge Rodriguez, Marketing Manager, USA
Mr. Kurt Turchan, Engineer, CANADA
Mr. Son Dang, Tour Operator, VIETNAM
Mr. Ibrahim Al-Zu'bi, Engineer, UAE
Mr. Yoav Nitzav, Consultant, ISRAEL
Mr. Miguel Migeru, Biologist, MEXICO
Ms. Monica Fischmann, Tour Manager, BRAZIL
Mr. Christopher Sarage, Tour Manager, BOLIVIA
Dr. Godfrey Anyumba, Ecolodge Planning Consultant, S.AFRICA

You may consult and network with all our Member Experts at

ECOCLUB made a presentation at ECOTOUR AMAZONIA 2001, the first International Symposium and Exposition of Ecotourism and Sustainable Development of the Amazon Basin countries, held in Manaus, between the 24th and 27th of September. The conference was successfully organised by Instituto Ambiental Biosfera, a leading Brazilian NGO.

Ecotour Amazonia, Manaus, Brazil, 27 September 2001It was for us an excellent opportunity to present the ECOCLUB to an audience of leading Ecotourism Consultants such as the father of ecotourism, Arq. Hector Ceballos-Lascurain, WTO Expert David Parra Bozzano (Ecuador), Dr. Godfrey Anyumba (Kenya / S.Africa)  - who has also joined ECOCLUB as an Ecotourism Expert, acclaimed practitioners such as Eduardo Nycander of Rainforest Expeditions (Peru), leading ecotourism academics such as Xavier Font of Leeds University, heads of Brazilian Government Agencies, NGOS and Community Associations and last but not least many interested members of the Brazilian public. Topics at the conference ranged from international policy papers such as "Accreditation Body for Sustainable Tourism Certifiers" to papers on local successful ecotourism case studies such as the Mamiraua Reserve.
Our presentation was on Ecolodge Marketing and the Internet and it was based on our own experience. An expanded paper based on this presentation will be made available for download in December.

Following the conference we went on to an independent tour of Latin America for a month, and we plan to tell you all about in future issues. We will start our account in this issue, with our visit to...

In late October we had the opportunity and the great pleasure to visit Black Sheep Inn, our Ecolodge Members, high up in the mountains of Ecuador, a truly ecological establishment in a rare location, virtually hand-made and managed by Andres and Michelle, two equally rare people.

Andres & Michelle and Antonis on the Tree House.This is a picture of Andres, Michelle and Antonis, taken at the Tree-house, where one can sit and enjoy the magnificent view. Or if you are into adrenaline you can try Black Sheep Inn Airways, seen hanging at the left of the picture, and "fly at 10,000 ft" from the Tree-house, over the llamas and the black sheep, to land at the other end of the compound!

This year has actually been the busiest ever for the Black Sheep Inn, even though tourism is down in Ecuador. This is because a lot of thinking and passion is behind their operation. To meet demand, they are currently building 3 new guest rooms without sacrificing the high quality and ecological principles that characterise the Lodge. Travellers will enjoy quality organic food, a literally handmade Sauna/Sweat Lodge, Llama trekking and not least great conversation with the proprietors. Reaching the lodge is an experience in itself ("if you made it up to here you must be a Black Sheep"), my advice start early as possible from Quito to enjoy the spectacular scenery. Ready to go?
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To encourage bookings at our Member Ecolodges, each and every one of which deserves your fullest support, especially in these troubled times, we will offer a gift to anyone that books through ECOCLUB and then stays at a Member Ecolodge. When you return, simply contact us to claim your gift.
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