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ECOCLUB® promotes genuine ecotourism worldwide, independently, effectively, without grants or subsidies, we truly believe in what we do and we appreciate your mentioning this website when writing about ecotourism issues. In turn we are happy to make your work easier and more pleasant, with ideas & introductions. Please complete the form below to request free assistance on your stories on Ecotourism. If you have a good ecotourism story, we may also consider it for publication in our e-magazine, please let us know!

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A Selection of our Recent Stories:

Earth Day 2009: Leave Only Footprints...and some smiles too

Ecotourism in the Time of Crisis

Yannis Vardakastanis: "There is no need for more hotels (in Zakynthos) ....There are too many tourists, turtle chasing activities, excessive light pollution, human waste and rubbish, all impacting greatly on our fragile eco-system"

ECOCLUB Members & Friends offer new year messages on Tourism & the Environment in 2009

Language School Tourism and Guatemalan Women

Brian Mullis: "The environmental and social justice movements are merging into a single movement that many characterize as the largest movement in the world"

Graham Miller: "I don't believe that mass tourism can be sustainable, but then I don't believe that any form of tourism can be truly sustainable"

'Ecos' of the Twin Lakes: Ecotourism Development in Mwaam (Muanenguba), Cameroon

Martha Honey: "I see Ecotourism, whose origins trace back to the environmental movement in the 1970s, as today a far wider and deeper concept - encompassing more countries and having more dimensions than in the past"

Trevor Sofield: As with all tourism planning for development in China, much of it is top-down and driven by government as the key stakeholder. Increasingly, however, authorities accept and invite additional stakeholders to participate in the formulation of planning, and slowly community based tourism among the Minorities is reaching out to those most directly affected, and their views and proposals taken into account. 

Global Ecotourism Leaders Partner to Support the ESTC 2008 Conference in Vancouver

Vic Nair: "Golf course development is now emerging as a major environmental issue in Asia"

Angus Begg: "Travel journalism - it's very much about sunsets and cocktails, with the 'freebie mentality' still ruling"

First Two Lodges, in Belize and Dominica, receive ECOCLUB Rating

ECOCLUB celebrates World Environment Day by funding five projects in the context of the ECOCLUB.com Ecotourism Awards 2008

Greek Minister calls for new tourism model, plays up Ecotourism

BABU VARGHESE: "The natural environment and the multicultural social environment coupled with a progressive political environment and an enterprising people are responsible for making Kerala a unique destination"

KELLY BRICKER: "Ecotourism has proven its place in the world, that if done well and with principles in place, it is one of many solutions to biodiversity conservation and wise use of resources around the globe."

ECOCLUB.com Ecotourism Awards 2008 - Call for Applications

ECOCLUB.com Celebrates Earth Day with Photo Essay Competition - Launches "Tourism Without Plastic" Campaign

HABIS SAMAUI: "Decision makers are not very aware about ecotourism issues, most think only about attracting more economic development"

SHAMS UDDIN: "The people of Chitral believe in cultural diversity, peace and friendliness"

The secret beauty of Estonian Nature

Mart Reimann: "The main challenge for Tourism in Estonia is marketing and making our country a better known tourism destination internationally"

Aivar Ruukel: "Travelling to your neighbours, meeting these people, talking to them makes you understand them better and minimizes your fear that they can be dangerous"

Gopinath Parayil: Small scale tourism projects in consultation with local communities should be the mainstay in development"

Rachel Dodds:"I have always only focused on projects I believed in – even if the big unsustainable ones were offering to pay more"

Peru - Ecotourism advocates oppose reduction of National Park for Oil

Towards Ecotourism 2.0 - ECOCLUB on World Tourism Day 2007

Nikki Rose: "If we think tradition should be offered to us for free, we are part of the serious problem. The people we meet during our travels are not obligated to treat us to a single peanut, let alone a feast free of charge."

Costas Christ: "Economic and social justice along with protecting nature are core values that should be found in all ecotourism practices."

Sealing the fate of the Monk Seal? Islanders protest against the National Marine Park of Alonissos
in Greece.

Professor Harold Goodwin: "Travel and Tourism still lag behind some of the other sectors in retailing where organic, fair trade and eco-friendly products are much more evident on the high street"

Climate Care's Stella Bell: "Offsetting is not about planting trees - although there are a lot of companies out there who would try to convince you otherwise..."

ECOCLUB®, the International Ecotourism Club™ celebrates 8th Anniversary by holding its annual Ecotourism Awards and funding eco-projects in Rwanda, Ecuador and Cambodia

Carol Patterson: "Governments need to lead with policies and incentives to green our business practices and our lifestyles."

ECOCLUB.com Ecotourism Awards 2007: Candidate Projects Announced and Open for Examination

TIES' David Sollitt: "My term will hopefully be seen as one based on increased outreach and collaboration"

Sukau's Albert Teo: "Ecolodge Recipe? Keep improving and do not quit!"

Intrepid's Jane Crouch: "Awards can have a very positive impact on the highly competitive tourism industry"

Laos Ecotourism Activist 'Missing'

2nd ECOCLUB.com Earth Day Photo Essay Competition

Ecuador: Oil threatens Ecotourism in Yasuni National Park

Greek Executive Secretary of Tourism calls for "change in thinking" about development

Planning for Sustainable Tourism

Meet the Architect of Ecotourism

Survival International's Miriam Ross on Tribal Peoples and Tourism

World Tourism Official: Tourists more & more sensitive to environment & culture

Conserving Coral Cays

Sustainable Tourism Development in Vietnam

Eco-projects in Ecuador, Guatemala and Malaysia receive ECOCLUB Ecolodge Award

Bird Flu, Drought, threaten East Africa's National Parks and Tourism

Tourism Ethics & Tourism Research

Sustainable Tourism in Brazil

The world of international Tourism development & Consultancy

Community Tourism in Thailand

Ecotourism & Peace building in Pakistan after the Earthquake

Saving Costa Rica's Rainforest through Share Ownership

Hotel Recycling in San Francisco

ECOCLUB.com Ecolodge Awards 2005

ECOCLUB exhibits at Ecolife 2005 in Athens

ECOCLUB.com wins Best Responsible Tourism Site Award

Slovakia's geothermal tourism resort

Journal of Ecotourism insider

Setting up Laos' first Ecolodge

Louis D'Amore works for Peace thru Tourism

How a small Ecuadorian village got into the ecotourism top ten

Caretta Caretta, Troubles Troubles, in Zakynthos National Park

Costa Rica's Laguna del Lagarto launches innovative rainforest protection scheme

Ranweli Holiday Village of Sri Lanka wins ECOCLUB Ecolodge Award 2004

First Annual ECOCLUB Ecolodge Award, a refreshing alternative to grandiose projects


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