R141202-NI: Rancho Esperanza - For Sale

R141202-NI: Rancho Esperanza - For Sale
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  • USD 180,000
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Posted: 2 December 2014

Last Update: 19 February 2019

Sale by: Owner

Lodge Name: Rancho Esperanza

Lodge Address (actual location): En frente la Antena Claro, Jiquilillo, El Viejo, Chinandega, Nicaragua

Sale Price: USD 180,000

Is the lodge currently in operation? Yes. It has been in operation for 14 years.

Number of Rooms: 9 private cabanas (5 with private bathrooms), and three dormitories.

Number of Bathrooms: 3 shared showers, 6 shared toilets, 5 private bathrooms.

Total property area: 2.77 acres with constructions spread out across the property, with plenty of space to expand

Year of Construction: 2004

Construction Materials: Mostly natural construction: Bamboo cabanas with palm-thatched roofing and cement floors. One large main rancho area with sand floors and thatched roofing and lofted dorm with wood floors. Kitchen with cement floors and zinc roofing. Lofted beach-front home with guanacaste wood walls, cement floors and pillars and thatched roofing. Five private bathrooms made with recycled glass bottles and cement. Beach house (storage) made of wood.

Ecological Features: Composting toilets. natural building. located in Nature Reserve Padre Ramos, part of the largest estuary system in Central America. Energy-saving light bulbs
Surf Club participates in environmental activity each week (beach cleanups, etc). Trash collection and disposal at the dump in the nearest city.

Nearest Beach: We are directly on the beach.

Other Property Features: Fully secured office cabaña, 1 on-site community centre, 1 beach-front home, complete with full bathroom, kitchen, and wrap-around patio, 1 cabana-dormitory that sleeps six, fully equipped large kitchen, including indoor/outdoor stoves. We have fresh water on site. Spaciousness ideal for private rentals, yoga, surf camp, or agriculture project.

Nearby Sites: Located directly on the beach - great for beginner/intermediate surfers as it is all beach break (sand bottom). 10 minutes down the beach is better for more advanced surfer as there are rocks. We are also 5 km from the river mouth of the beautiful Padre Ramos estuary where you can take a boat for off-shore surf trips for great waves.

We are located in the Padre Ramos Nature Reserve - part of the largest estuary system in Central America. You can kayak, canoe, fish, and boat in the estuary within walking distance. We are also a 1-hour car ride from Volcano Cosiguina. From the top, you can see Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, and the Gulf of Fonseca. 1.5 hours from the port of Potosi where boats take fish and tourists across the Gulf of Fonseca to El Salvador. 1.5 hours from the City of Leon, 45 minutes from Chinandega.

How best to arrive: Arrive at Managua International Airport and drive 3 hours to Jiquilillo. Alternatively, take buses from the airport for 5 hours. You can also fly into Liberia or San Jose in Costa Rica. You can fly into San Salvador, El Salvador and take a boat across the Gulf of Fonseca to Potosi and then 2 hours of buses to Jiquilillo.

Other Details:  Rancho Esperanza is a top-notch backpackers paradise located on 7+ miles of near-deserted wide beaches in the fishing village of Jiquilillo, located on the North Pacific coast of Nicaragua. The high-rated (Trip Advisor, Barefoot Atlas, Lonely Planet, Footprint, Moon Handbook), well-organized, successful hostel has been running for over ten years with continued growth and success.

Rancho Esperanza is located on 2.77 acres (11,209 meters) of beachfront property and its current sleeping capacity is 43, plus hammock/camping space. We have a full-time reliable, local staff, and I will help train you to aid in the smooth transition of business ownership.

The property features:

  • nine fully furnished rentable cabañas, five with private open-air bathrooms constructed of glass bottles
  • fully secured office cabaña
  • one large two-car garage
  • one large main rancho with lofted dorm space sleeping 6
  • one large on-site brick community center
  • one beach-front home, complete with full bathroom, kitchen, and wrap-around patio
  • two large cabañas that house two dormitories, sleeping 6 in each.
  • fully equipped large kitchen, including indoor and outdoor stoves
  • fully equipped large kitchen, including indoor and outdoor stoves
  • plenty of room to expand

We are one of the few properties in Jiquilillo that has fresh water on our property. The spaciousness and privacy could also be ideal for private rentals, holistic center for yoga and meditation, surf camp, or an agriculture project. If one were to choose to remodel and renovate, it would be very easy to do due to the simple construction that has been used.

The home is brand-new and we currently live in it. It can easily be rented out as a suite, separate rental site, or continued to be used as the owners’ home.

Also included are:

· All furniture and hammocks
· Over 20 surfboards
· Pickup truck
· Computer
· Professional website (www.rancho-esperanza.com), excellent online presence (Trip Advisor, Barefoot Atlas, Lonely Planet travel forum), and long-time guidebook presence (Lonely Planet, Footprint, Barefoot Atlas, Moon Handbooks)
· 500+ book, multi-language library, named one of the best in Nicaragua and a
highlight of travelers’ stays
· All business contacts, permits, licenses, contracts, leases, etc.

A main draw for travelers, and a cornerstone to the success of the business, has been the ongoing social development projects, including an afterschool program, school sponsorships and teaching assistance, English and computer classes, a surf club, and others.

For those interested in surfing, Jiquilillo offers great beach breaks for beginner and intermediate surfers that work during half incoming tide, peak high tide, and half outgoing tide. Hands down the surf is best during chest to head high swell and in the morning before winds turns off shore typically by noon. When Jiquilillo is not working during low tide there are several world class waves to surf all accessible by a 20 minute boat ride.

These breaks include the Padre Ramos river mouth, the famous Boom in Asserradores, the bay of Nahualapa, Asseradores Island's left point break, and the river mouth of Maderas Negras.

I built Rancho Esperanza from scratch twelve years ago and have great interest
in seeing its continued success. In 2014, we
completed a lot of construction, including the beach-front home, added a
fully secure office, a two-car garage, and two more private bathrooms in
order to keep up with demand. Business has picked up dramatically in the last few years.

You can find updated information and photos on Facebook.

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