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Year 4, Issue 46, Mar. 2003


In the light of recent developments, and celebrating the 30th Anniversary of one of Hollywood's Most Legendary Classics, Home Entertainment Presents:

Planet of the Apes..., 2003 Edition

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Club News

Members Renew Support

We sincerely thank Ecolodge Members: Agios Achilleios (Greece) , Apani Dhani (India),  NatureQuest (India), Sonrise Beach Retreat (Jamaica) and Tohum (Turkey) for renewing their support of at these difficult times.

New Ecolodge Members

We warmly welcome two genuine Ecolodges into the club:

Rainforest RetreatRainforest Retreat, Karnataka, India

An organic spice plantation in the heart of the Western Ghats, in the Kodagu district of southern Karnataka. Surrounded by rolling hills and densely forested valleys, this is a naturalist's paradise waiting to be discovered. Explore remote idyllic valleys and tropical rainforests, learn how coffee, cardamom, pepper and vanilla are organically cultivated under the shade of rainforest trees.

Link

Cabanas CopalCabańas Copal, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Thatched cabanas on a natural sandy terrace amidst the tropical jungle, overlooking the Caribbean Sea and the white sand of the Tulum beach, just 3 km from the famous Mayan Citadel ruins. Cabanas Copal have a secluded feeling, are off the grid, within walking or bicycling distance from crystal clear cenotes, natural freshwater pools that are perfect for swimming, snorkelling, or diving and an ideal base to explore the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve.

Link

Live Debate

A live debate took place at the Live Chat Centre on Thursday 6 March, the topic was "Luxury Ecolodges - Oxymoron or Reality?", and it was the fourth in our series of Direct Democracy Debates. The Live Debate Transcripts can be seen here. Debate Continues at the Café. The Debate now continues at the Café. The Live Chat Centre is at the disposal of Members who would like to make a presentation on ecotourism or related topics. Contact us to discuss. Ecotourism Community Reorganised

Our Community, has been reorganised, and the old "Ecotourism Business Centre" forum has been replaced by two open-access forums, one on Ecotourism Projects & Finance and one on Ecotourism Technology. The Projects & Finance Forum is intended to serve as an "open-air" financing centre, an alternative source of financing, as well as a source of alternative financing, for our Members projects. The Ecotourism Technology Forum will be used to highlight advances in technology, and its application in ecotourism. Technological advances can give ecological solutions to many of the problems that today seem a dead-end, for example sustainable transportation for ecotourism, but the challenge is to make new technology known, and affordable.

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Actual BBC report, March 5, 2003:
"Settlers offer West Bank 'terror tours'.  Jewish settlers are offering special "terror tours" of the West Bank and Gaza, in which tourists will be trained to fire weapons and participate in mock fights with Arab militants..."There's a lot of the 'wow' factor, like going up in an army helicopter and firing machine guns," organiser Jake Greenwald told BBC News Online, "but it is also aimed at training people in how to deal with a terrorist situation". Mr Greenwald said it was also a way of attracting thrill-seekers to Israel at a time when tourism is suffering because of the violence with the Palestinians... So far more than 20 people - including a judge, doctors, and a Middle East lecturer - have signed up from the United States, at a cost of $5,500 each." 

*Cum Grano Salis: latin for "with a grain of salt", phrase appears in Gaius Plinius Secundus's "Historia Naturalis". Plinius suggested we take everything with a grain of salt...


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