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International Ecotourism Monthly

Year 4, Issue 46, Mar. 2003

Eco Jobs

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Ecolodge Manager in Pensão Gurué, Northern Mozambique - MOZAMBIQUE
Conservation internships - ALASKA
Administrative Assistant, Department of Tourism - AUSTRALIA
National Parks and Wildlife Service Management - AUSTRALIA
Conservation Officer - AUSTRALIA
Parks & Visitor Services Coordinator - AUSTRALIA
Regional Programme Coordinator - BELGIUM
Capacity builder, Yakiwo Foundation - BRAZIL
Senior Manager Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden Corporation - CHINA
Student Intern - COSTA RICA
Various Adventure Company - COSTA RICA
SME Development Consultants, incl. Tourism - EASTERN EUROPE
Volunteer Regeneration and Conservation of Brenu Beach - GHANA
Volunteer Support for Ghana Tourist Board - GHANA
Volunteer Support For Bird/Ostrich Breeding - GHANA
Volunteer Proposal Writing and Tourist Information Development - GHANA
Volunteer Mt. Afadjato Eco-Tourism Site Development - GHANA
Volunteer Land Use Planning for Kakum Conservation Area - GHANA
Volunteer Developing Ecotourism in Kwamang And Mframabou - GHANA
Sustainable Tourism Management Specialist (Team Leader) - MEKONG AREA
Community-Based Advocacy and Community Organization Capacity building expert - MALI
Advisor Natural Resource Management - MOZAMBIQUE
Country Representative for IUCN - PAKISTAN
Amazon Research Coordinator - PERU
Community Conservation Advisor - TANZANIA
Team Leader for Project Final Review - TANZANIA
Business Development Administrator - UK
Trade Policy Officer RSPB-UK
Assistant Director for Summer Nature Adventure 2003 - USA
Outdoor/Challenge Program Intern - USA
Rocky Hill Parks Summer Internship - USA
Development & Special Events Intern - USA
Island Protected Area Managers - USA
Press/Public Relations Intern - USA
Communications Specialist - USA

Experienced Hiking Instructor
Lodge Manager Position
Employment within Ecotourism
Seeking a position where I can make a difference
Southern or central america
Job within ecotourism worldwide(MA Graduate)
Ecotourism job desired Latin America or Caribbean


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