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Year 5-Issue 51, Aug 2003

Eco Events

A worldwide selection of ecotourism and related events during the next 5 months
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Event Showcase: Environmental Impact of Transportation Ecotourism Club is a Co-Sponsor of the Environmental Impact of Transportation Conference, organised by in October 2003. The event will take place on-line.
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Event Showcase: Integrating sustainability into tourism policies: the role of certification

Durban, South Africa, Friday 12 September. The event is organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), in partnership with the Rainforest Alliance and The
International Ecotourism Society (TIES).
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If you are organising or are aware of an ecotourism-related Trade Show, Conference or Workshop please Request a Free Event Listing on this page and in our Events Database.

August 21, Perspectives on Tourism in Nordic and other Peripheral Areas 2003-SWEDEN
August 24-September 11, International Seminar on Forest and Natural Resources Administration and Management-USA
August 27-31, EUROPARC 2003-NORWAY
September 3-6, Australian Regional Tourism Convention-AUSTRALIA
September 3-5, RGS-IBG International Annual Conference 2003 Geography of Leisure and Tourism Group: Tourism Creativity and the City-UK
September 4-6, Second International Conference on People and the Sea-NETHERLANDS
September 5-7, Biodiversity, Trade and Sustainable Development-MEXICO
September 5-6, Seminar on Best Practice in Destination Management for a Sustainable Tourism Development-FINLAND
September 5-7, China International Tourism fair-CHINA
September 8-10, ECOLOGY2003-SWEDEN
September 8-17, The Vth IIUCN World Parks Congress-S.AFRICA
September 9-12, 5th Annual Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism-ST. KITTS
September 11-12, 2nd International Symposium on Tourism and Sustainability: Global Frameworks and Local Realities: social and cultural identities in making and consuming tourism-UK
September 14-20, International Conference on Tropical Savannas and Seasonally Dry Forests – Ecology, Environment and Development-UK
September 15- @rural- BELGIUM
September 18-19, Financing Private and Public Infrastructure Projects LA-USA
September 19-21, Seminar on cultural tourism in the Balkan countries-GREECE
September 22-24, Twenty-fourth meeting of the Commission for the Middle East Seminar on public-private sector partnerships for sustainability and competitiveness in tourism development-BAHRAIN
September 23-25, National Seminar on Sustainable Tourism Development-MONGOLIA
September 24-26, TravelMart LatinAmerica-ECUADOR
Septmeber 25-26, Rural Tourism: Guidelines for Development-UKRAINE
September 25-26, IBD Business Seminar: Financing Private and Public Infrastructure Projects-USA
September 25-27, International Symposium on Ecotourism and Wetlands-ARGENTINA
September 26-29, Event Tourism and Destination Management Conference & Cruise -CHINA
September 29-October 4, Sustainable Resources 2003-USA
September 29-30, WTO Sustainability Certification of Tourism Activities, Regional Conference of the Americas-BRAZIL
September 30-October 2, Environment 2003-EGYPT
September 30-October 3, Workshop on Tourism Management in Protected Areas-CONGO
October, Transportation and the
October 1-3, Sustainable Planning and Development 2003-GREECE
October 3-5, 1st European Congress of Rural Tourism-SPAIN
October 2-5, Sustainable Tourism Development and the Environment-GREECE
October 5-7, Developing New Markets for Traditional Destinations-CANADA
October 12-14, UNEP/ESOMAR Conference on "Responsible Marketing - Sustainability and Quality of Life. The Contribution of Research"-GERMANY
October 13-17, TURNAT 2003: El Evento de Ecoturismo de Cuba-CUBA
October 16-18, 2003 International Society of Travel and Tourism Educators (ISTTE) Conference-USA
October 16-19, Green Expo 2003-BARBADOS
October 20-21, 2003 UNEP FI Global Roundtable: Sustaining Value – A Meeting on Finance and Sustainability-JAPAN
October 21-26, ASTA's 73rd World Travel Congress-USA
October 22-25, EuroCHRIE Congress 2003: The Internationalisation of Future Hospitality, Tourism and Aviation Management Education-GERMANY
October 22-25, Asia Pacific Ecotourism Conference-MALAYSIA
October 30-November 1, Expo Ecotourismo 2003-VENEZUELA
November 1-2,The Daily Telegraph Adventure Travel and Sports Show-UK
November 3-7, ICLEI World Congress, Local Action 21, Local Governments Implementing Sustainable Development-GREECE
November 3-5, World Forum for a Responsible Business-SWITZERLAND
November 6-7, International workshop on Mobility and Tourism-BELGIUM
November6-7, WTO Annual General Meeting of the Tour Operators Initiative-SPAIN
November 6-8, Advanced Research Workshop on Climate Change and Tourism-POLAND
November 7-8, ANZIBA Annual Conference 2003: the challenge of international business - Tourism Session-NEW ZEALAND
November 9-13, World Travel Market-UK
November 10-14, Ecotourism Australia 11th National Conference-AUSTRALIA
November 17-20, USA Parks Joint Ventures: Partners in Stewardship-USA
November 19-22, The 5th Guangzhou International Environmental Protection Exhibition-CHINA
November 23-26, TIANS 2003 - "Tourism Summit: A Question of Balance"-CANADA
December 1-14, Advanced Seminar on Protected Areas Management and local development in the Mediterranean context -SPAIN
December 2-7, Africa Travel Association 7th Cultural & Ecotourism Symposium-TANZANIA
December 7-12, Second African Conference on Peace through Tourism-TANZANIA
December 9-11, Taking tourism to the limits-NEW ZEALAND

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