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Year 5-Issue 51, Aug 2003


'Stakeholders' vs. the People

During the 1990s, in most texts dealing with international development, including ecotourism, be they official or unofficial texts, policy documents or academic studies, the term 'Stakeholders' gradually displaced 'old-fashioned' words such as 'people', 'workers', 'unions'. Could this have been accidental? Or did the old-fashioned words sound too vulgar to the ears of the sanitized technobureaucrats handing out the fat cheques, or perhaps to the ears of the equally fat uniformed ruler-clients in exotic lands receiving the cheques? A new, all-encompassing, neutral term, that took no sides and blurred fault-lines surely seemed so much more convenient. Moreover, the word stakeholder, would not have to do anything with majority, as the right stakeholder, or 'our kind of stakeholder' could presumably be equal to ten smaller stakeholders. The above paragraph would have seemed bizarre to some a few years ago, but in the light of constant direct attacks against Tourism, and in an increasingly polarised world, it is time to ditch such hollow terms, and other designer terms and concepts invented by shady Orwellian think tanks on the pay roll of cynically benevolent corporates, and return to the real problems, the real people out there, the citizens, the voters, the workers, the disenfranchised, the exploited, the ignorant, the superstitious, the immigrants, the hungry, the infected, the manipulated, the oppressed, the disappeared, the tortured, the wronged, the angry, so that we may get a chance to see what has 'suddenly' gone so wrong with this world, why people that have assassinated hundreds of innocent tourists in a sleepy resort of Bali can smile defiantly in court and be proud of such a horrific act. If we fail to use real words when we speak, write or create policies, there will come a time when instead of words, wild sounds will come out of our mouths, and real Terminators will come out of the ballot boxes.

Antonis B. Petropoulos, ECOCLUB Editor

Club News

New Ecolodge Members

We warmly welcome The Hermitage Guesthouse in Karnataka, India and Diamond Beach Village in Lamu Island, Kenya as new Ecolodge Members.

Sustainability of EU Tourism

ECOCLUB S.A. submitted comments on the European Union Consultation Document: 'Basic Orientations for the Sustainability of European Tourism'.
Read our comments at the Café Live Expert Presentation

"Ecotourism Development in Nigeria - Prospects & Problems". A Live Presentation at the Live Chat Centre took place on 31 of July, by our Expert Member, Mr. Samuel Segun Odunlami, Senior Lecturer, Nigerian National Institute for Hospitality & Tourism Studies, Bagauda, Kano. Read a summary of the discussion here.

Cum Grano Salis  (with a pinch of salt)

CUM GRANO SALIS: "Cosmic" Accommodations

"The geologic conformation of this Wonderful place is oldest of the Andean mountain range. In addition, -32ş is to the height of the parallel, within one of the triangles of greater cosmic force of the world. In this paradisiac place the set of atmospheric, topographic elements and the constitution of the ground are conditions that provoke on the persons a healthy and very agreeable sensation of comfort. Help us to make " Paradise on the Earth "! All this is possible with a Donation of any import , cents, U.S. Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, and Yen".Source: Seen on the Web



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