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Year 5-Issue 60, May 2004

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What could ever be the relation between NASA and Slow Food? Sotiris Kitrilakis !

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There is one thing to talk about ecotourism, and another actually doing it, the latter is much better. And that's what I did in late April, and had an excellent time, thanks to the warm hospitality of our Members in Kerala and Karnataka, S. India, you will find a short account in our Member News. In this issue you can also find the seven project proposals submitted by our Ecolodge Members for the ECOCLUB Ecolodge Award 2004. The winner will be chosen by email vote by all Members, and announced on the 1st of July 2004, the fifth anniversary of the foundation of ECOCLUB. Our aim is to encourage feasible, concise projects, instead of the red herrings that large financial institutions sometimes produce.

But first start with this issue's fascinating interview of Mr. Sotiris Kitrilakis, who entered Ecotourism after an illustrious career in other sectors, including NASA and the food industry.

Antonis B. Petropoulos



Copyright © 1999-2004 ECOCLUB S.A. All Rights Reserved.