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ECOCLUB, Issue 95
ECOCLUB®, Year 8, Issue 95
Published: January 8, 2008
, International Ecotourism Magazine™, is the free e-Magazine of 
, the International Ecotourism Club™, 
Submissions: We welcome your article contributions. Contributor guidelines & benefits can be found
Disclaimer: Any views expressed in this newspaper belong to their respective authors and are not
necessarily those of ECOCLUB SA. Although we try to check all facts, we accept no liability for 
inaccuracies - which means you should not take any travel or other decisions based only on what 
you read here. Use of this newspaper s covered by the Terms & Conditions of the
Website as stated at and by your uncommon sense and good 
Correspondence Address: ECOCLUB S.A., PO BOX 65232, Psihico, Athens, 154 10 – GREECE
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ECOCLUB, International Ecotourism Monthly is not to be sold, please distribute freely. 
Print only if necessary!
at for more ecotourism news, specialist resources 
(Jobs, projects, real estate, publications and others) member discounts and specials.
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