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 The ECOCLUB Definition of Ecotourism

ECOCLUB believes that another world is possible, and that it can be achieved in a constructive manner, through peaceful & intelligent dialogue, knowledge, reason and pleasure, rather than through dogma & suffering. We look forward to a world of sharing, free of wars, poverty, injustice, oppression, ignorance, religious & ideological fanaticism and nationalism. Elements of this better world already exist, and our task is to help you discover, enjoy and support them during your holidays.

In this context, ECOCLUB promotes genuine Ecotourism, as an Epicurean philosophy and practice, and a means of emancipating peoples and minds from the trappings of poverty & wealth alike, removing fear, ignorance & prejudice of all types and promoting human happiness and pleasure, equality, fraternity & liberty.

ECOCLUB defines Ecotourism as Ecological Tourism. ECOCLUB does not see Ecotourism as a tourism segment but rather as a movement for a better Tourism that:

1. minimises its own environmental impact
2. funds environmental conservation
3. reduces poverty
4. respects human rights
5. promotes knowledge & understanding

Our Logo: The colour (teal) is half way between green and blue, the colours of nature. The smiling sun symbolizes our optimistic & philosophical attitude to life, the will to rise every day, solar power - renewable energy in literal and figurative terms and light - the light of science, enlightenment.

Our Club: ECOCLUB is modelled after the Epicurean Garden. Everyone is welcome, from all walks of life, from every corner of the earth, as long as they share our philosophy and conduct themselves in a respectful and friendly manner. Members are expected to cover the cost of the garden's upkeep in the form of a modest fee, so as to help it maintain its integrity and independence.

If you share our philosophy, join us and other Members in over 80 countries!

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