Rob Rankin Rob Rankin, Managing Director, Vagabond, Small Tours of Ireland
"Certification is required to ensure that greenwashing does not occur and Tour Operators like ourselves are held accountable to processes and procedures"
Jovan Popesku, Tourism Professor, Singidunum University, Serbia
"...Tourist flows lead to the successful renewal of ties among countries that emerged from the former Yugoslavia..."
Herman Erdtsieck & Marion Neidt of MamboViewPoint Ecolodge, Tanzania
"It appears there are too many people wanting to "do good" in "poor Africa"...Luckily most volunteers are genuine and have a better understanding"
Country of Contradictions

Book Review: Country of Contradictions, Costa Rica: Early Ecotourism
An engaging narrative of Costa Rica’s budding Tourism sector during 1979-1984

Too Rare to Wear

Survey finds one in three souvenir shops sell illegal turtleshell products
Buyers include domestic and international, particularly cruise, tourists.

Proposed US-Mexico border wall threatens critical wildlife habitat
According to new report by the Center for Biological Diversity