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Cycling bodies and enthusiasts have welcomed the "European Declaration on Cycling" signed in early April by EU Transport Ministers in Brussels. Hopefully, this first recognition of the importance of cycling at the EU level will eventually also lead to more cycling holidays, and cycling during holidays, through new policies and infrastructure.…

Cycling Declaration hailed as ‘historic’ moment for Europe | Euronews

Although it carries no legal force, cycling advocates have greeted an undertaking by governments and MEPs to make Europe a more bike friendly place as…

From forgiving student debt, to "forgiving" Julian Assange, to finally doing something about Gaza, it could just be the effect (on Joe Biden) of the upcoming elections - which is a case for holding elections more frequently and having an electoral system that really allows more than two parties. Or it could be another case of the Churchillian "You can always count on the Americans to do the... Show more

Biden administration could start forgiving student debt this year

The Biden administration is moving ahead quickly with its new student loan forgiveness plan, with hopes to start wiping out people's debts this fall.

While heartless reactionaries celebrate their fresh agreement to protect their distorted notion "of our European way of life" three more young lives are lost in the Aegean while trying to reach fortress Europe. The simple truth that reactionaries do not want you to understand is that no one would risk their lives if there were legal migration routes... Show more

When international media write about the place you live, you have the chance to measure their quality, or lack thereof. This 5-minute, out of context documentary, probably completed in two hours, will give you the impression that tourism equals short term lettings and these in turn are to blame for all problems Athenians face, and the mother of all evils. That is if you do not live here, or you... Show more

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Babu Muhammad (1930-2022) was a renowned tour guide in the Northern Pakistan region, covering Hindukush, Karakoram, and Himalayas. Born into a notable family in the Mroi village, he grew up in the village, located as a gateway to Upper Chitral. The village had a modest hotel industry, primarily serv...
Literally translating to flour-smudging, Alevromoutzouroma is a traditional flour throwing festival taking place every Clean Monday (the Monday marking the beginning of Lent) in the historic port of Galaxidi (Map) Central Greece. Galaxidi was an strategic fortified stronghold sin...

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Stranddorf Augustenhof

A beach village at the german baltic sea coast with a personal atmosphere for people who enjoy holidaying in nature and are keen to meet like minded people. The beach village consists of 30…

Rosenfelderstrand, Grube, Germany
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