Bradley WeissBradley WeissSustainable Tourism Development Consultant
"When we initially talk to small accommodation owners about incorporating environmental and also universal access standards, they usually agree conceptually but also tend to get nervous...So we explain that most of the measures can actually help them save money and that we’ll support them....the vast majority of small accommodations end up embracing the sustainability standards."

Ivan MartinIvan Martin, Project Manager, Swiss Cetacean Society
"Guidelines need to be specific and adapted not only to cetaceans but also to specific species and/or areas. A fin whale will not react the same way to a boat as a group of pilot whales or a Ganges river dolphin...The more precise a guideline is, the better."

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Happy Equinox! With a supermoon too!

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Albania's new tourism campaign is this year's most bizarre one yet

Albania's latest tourism campaign has raised a few eyebrows for referencing the 2008 hostage film Taken... which didn't paint the country in the best light.