Terms of Use

Terms of Use
last updated on 25 October 2022 

1. We, ECOCLUB S.A. (proprietors of the Ecoclub.com website - https://ecoclub.com ) fully respect your privacy and comply with European Union legislation. By joining as a "Professional Member" at the Ecoclub.com website you agree to receive email communications from ECOCLUB S.A., both in the form of personal communications, notifications and occasional newsletters relating to your stated interests. You can automatically unsubscribe at any time from receiving our free newsletters by contacting us through our online Helpdesk or by using the unsubscription links in email messages. As stated in our Privacy policy we will not reveal your personally identifiable data to anyone, unless you have requested it explicitly, for example by creating a public profile in our community or by uploading your CV in our job-seekers forum, or if we are forced by law in connection to any legal proceedings.

2. All lodges, hotels, tours, flights and any other offers, products, services or links that may be hosted or appear on Ecoclub.com or any other websites owned by ECOCLUB S.A. are the sole property of the suppliers who offer these and as such the said suppliers can only be held responsible for the accuracy, reliability or quality of the content as well as for the performance and delivery of these services or products. Moreover ECOCLUB S.A. cannot and do NOT act as an agent or representative of any sort of such suppliers. ECOCLUB S.A. solely seek to provide access to information relevant to ecological and socially just tourism.

3. ECOCLUB S.A. do not in any way, directly or indirectly, guarantee, assume responsibility or accept liability for the accuracy, reliability or quality of any information, offer, view, review, services or products listed or appearing within pages hosted or linked on Ecoclub.com or any other websites owned by ECOCLUB S.A. Any views which appear at ECOCLUB do not necessarily reflect the views of ECOCLUB S.A. but of the particular author. Individual authors are also responsible for any copyright violations. If you wish to complain about such a copyright violation please contact us through our online Help Desk.

4. ECOCLUB S.A. do not guarantee the performance or availability of any online contact forms, or accept any liability for any errors or omissions relating to it. ECOCLUB S.A. also reserve the right not to relay such messages or enquiries if they are found to be fraudulent.

5. ECOCLUB S.A. cannot, under any circumstances be held liable for any direct, incidental, or consequential damages or adversities which may result due to an entry listed on Ecoclub.com and particularly for any problem, delay, error, or omission which may arise in the course of dealing or entering into any transaction or agreement with such suppliers with respect to services and/or products offered or provided by them. ECOCLUB S.A. expressly advise and suggest to all site visitors to always be cautious before entering into any transaction or agreement with such suppliers, to always research their trips extensively before travelling, TO BE AWARE OF ANY TRAVEL ADVISORIES FOR THE AREA THEY ARE GOING TO VISIT, and to be extremely careful when revealing sensitive personal data or making payments on the Internet. 

6. You release our company ECOCLUB S.A. (including our directors, officers, employees, consultants, contractors, agents and volunteers) from any liability for any damage, loss, liability or injury you may suffer in relation to your attendance at an Ecolodge, tour, or other venue advertised or listed at ECOCLUB.com and any other website hosted or sub-hosted by ECOCLUB S.A., howsoever caused including due to any negligence or other act of omission of ECOCLUB S.A.

7. You agree to compensate ECOCLUB S.A. for any damage, loss, liability or injury it or anyone else may suffer as a result of your willful, reckless or negligent acts or omissions at an Accommodation facility, Tour or other Venue, and your conduct at this website.

8. ECOCLUB S.A. holds the copyright for all material which appears on the ECOCLUB website unless otherwise stated. Unauthorised use and/or retransmission and/or reproduction in any form is strictly prohibited. To ask permission to republish an article or picture please contact us through our online Help Desk.