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Jelka TepšićJelka Tepšić, Deputy Mayor of Dubrovnik, Croatia
“When we talk about green ports, we mean sustainable ports, the ones that properly distribute traffic, have clear rules and expect them to be respected. Shore power electricity, air quality measurements, environmentally friendly terminals, electrified shuttle transport by road and the use of the sea transport option is my image of sustainable port and sustainable destination.”

Federica BoscoFederica Bosco, Project Officer, Etifor, Italy
"Tourism is sustainable when it puts at the center the needs of the local communities and the environment. This is not something to aspire to but that should already be implemented in order to assure the future of travel."

Anna-Lena WallinAnna-Lena Wallin, Destination Developer & Sustainability Strategist, Destination Järvsö, Sweden
"Local labels that have built-in systems to suit the local context but that also meet international criteria such as GSTC, represent a good combination and opportunity to achieve what we all want, to be part of the transition and contribute to a sustainable tourism industry"

CB RamkumarCB Ramkumar, Vice-Chair, Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)
"[Indian Sustainable Tourism] government policies exist, though not in a manner that is easily implementable. Policies are general, to tick off the boxes and, worse, are directionless. Policies need to give clear direction, with incentives or penalties for following them. This is what is missing at a central level."

Hartmut WimmerHartmut Wimmer, Founder and CEO of Outdooractive
"We have already revolutionized the world of tourism data in the outdoor sector (and all others are gradually adopting our data structure) and we will now do the same with data on sustainability!"

Stefanos StamellosStefanos Stamellos, Eco Activist, Author & Runner Greek Version / Στα Ελληνικά
"Productive land and mountain tops cannot be wasted so that some can sell renewable energy to Germany and Austria... As for Mt. Oiti, it will be a huge crime if plans to install wind turbines on this mountain of flowers go ahead!"

Rev. Dr. LoraKim JoynerLoraKim Joyner, Parrot Conservationist, Co-Director, One Earth Conservation
"...we could say it's the economic system under which we all live that allows us to cause harm to other habitats, other peoples and other parrots. It allows us to do this to the parrots. And then we might even say deeper that it's our disconnection and sense of separation of humans from all of life that allows us to be victims, co-victims, in a market economy that extracts and harms..."

Vicky SmithVicky Smith, Founder & Director, EarthChangers
"I share concerns that sustainable tourism becomes a trendy ‘thing’ to invest in, with investors expecting sustainable tourism business and returns working in the same way as mainstream, with the values of volume and profit not positive impacts, as if it’s just a product extension"

Dan BalluffDan Balluff, Documentary Filmmaker
"One thing I learned there was to simplify my life as much as possible and try not to get distracted by less important things. That is a lesson I try to constantly remind myself of."

Fiona BakasFiona Bakas, Tourism Lecturer, Lusófona University
“...the pandemic has given us the time and space to re-think tourism. At a time when radical, systemic change and transformation have become the order of the day, we need to foster a fertile space for new conceptualisations of alternative tourism to emerge... ”

Nikki RoseNikki Rose, Journalist, Seminar director and Professional chef
Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries Educational Network" - Supporting cultural, natural and culinary heritage protection through educational travel

Rigas ZafeiriouRigas Zafeiriou, Sustainable Development & Tourism Consultant, Kytherian Foundation for Nature & Anthropos
"Kythera Trails - building a sustainable destination at the heart of the Mediterranean"

Bob HaleBob Hale, Co-Convenor, Global Greens
“It is clear that we need to reduce the impact of tourism, both on the destinations but also the impact of travel to get there.”

Allen SchnaakAllen Schnaak, VP of Business Development, BioNova Natural Pools
“Awareness precedes all change and social awareness related to environmental responsibility, sustainability, and stewardship is reaching a critical mass in the world”

Nigel ThorntonNigel Thornton, Proprietor, Mas del Bot Hotel, Aragon, Spain
“We wanted something different from a run-of-the-mill or traditional building...we wanted to make a minimum impact on the environment and to create a more sustainable lifestyle, a business that would be small enough to be run entirely by two people but big enough to be able to live a simple life but a good life”
Arif QureshiArif Qureshi, Proprietor, L'Orri de Planès Trailside Ecolodge, France
“A true Ecolodge is a business that puts environmental values into practice on various levels and at the same time allows its owners to make a reasonable living.”
Jeremy Sampson, CEO, The Travel Foundation, United Kingdom
"Tourism can either be something that is "done" to a destination by outside forces – a colonial and extractive industry. Or it can be something driven by the destination: stimulating investment, entrepreneurship and small business development"
Rika Jean-François, CSR Commissioner, ITB Berlin, Germany
"Tourism can be a door opener and can help to break down prejudices. The boycotting of certain destinations will harm the affected people living in the destinations. We believe in dialogue instead." 

Jeppe KlockaresonJeppe Klockareson, Owner & Founder, Fair Travel, Sweden
"...there is so much focus at the moment on the environmental aspects of sustainability, whereby the rest seems to be forgotten"
Marcello GandolfiMarcello Gandolfi, Community Based Tourism Expert
"Tourism industry, in every community, will always gather promoters and opponents. It is very important to understand the reasons that move some people to refuse tourism, clarify misunderstandings and plan how to include them into the destination."
Ivan MartinIvan Martin, Project Manager, Swiss Cetacean Society
"Guidelines need to be specific and adapted not only to cetaceans but also to specific species and/or areas. A fin whale will not react the same way to a boat as a group of pilot whales or a Ganges river dolphin...The more precise a guideline is, the better."

Bradley WeissBradley Weiss, Sustainable Tourism Development Consultant, United States
"When we initially talk to small accommodation owners about incorporating environmental and also universal access standards, they usually agree conceptually but also tend to get nervous...So we explain that most of the measures can actually help them save money and that we’ll support them....the vast majority of small accommodations end up embracing the sustainability standards."
Ronald SanabriaRonald Sanabria, Consultant & Advisor, Sustainable Tourism, Costa Rica
"The number one step to work with small and micro-entrepreneurs is demystifying what sustainability is all about, try to avoid complicated lexicon and words that only technical people can understand, and boil down best practices to common sense"
Emad HassanEmad Hassan, Energy Advisor to the Minister of Tourism, Egypt
"The average Egyptian measures the health of the tourism sector by the numbers announced about tourists’ arrivals. While the link between these numbers and the well-being of the sector is there, this indicator needs to be further developed to include the economic, environmental and social impacts in order for it to properly address the true impact on the country"
Dr Palitha GurusinghePalitha Gurusinghe, President, Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation (SLEF), Sri Lanka
"At present, Sri Lanka Tourism is going after ‘Volume’ rather than ‘Value’; they are only interested in the ‘Headcount’. In the process, the Authorities have entirely forgotten projects and programmes on sustainable tourism and ecotourism"
Jeremy SmithJeremy Smith, Editor, Travindy, United Kingdom
"Most travel writing is really just PR... If a tourism board flies a newspaper journalist out to a destination, puts them up in a couple of hotels, shows them the sights, they expect a favourable piece in return."
Campo Elias BernalCampo Elias Bernal, Founder & Director, FEDEC, Colombia
"I believe social innovation is the most promising element in ecotourism and sustainable tourism management"
Jorge MollerJorge Moller, Director, REGENERA, Chile
"We need public involvement to sustain a destination forever. If it is only an agreement between private sides it will not succeed."
Natalia NaranjoNatalia Naranjo, Tourism & Development Expert, Colombia
"What communities need is a good quality of life and usually, this involves small projects"
Brad NahillBrad Nahill, Director & Co-founder, SEE Turtles
"We have seen places where enforcement seems to be working fairly well, such as in Belize and parts of Costa Rica, and other places where there doesn’t seem to be any enforcement like in Nicaragua especially"
Florian KaeferFlorian Kaefer, Founder & Editor, Sustainability Leader Project & The Place Observer
"The real change in the next years regarding tourism sustainability is going to happen at the destination level."
Rob RankinRob Rankin, Managing Director, Vagabond, Small Tours of Ireland
"Certification is required to ensure that greenwashing does not occur and Tour Operators like ourselves are held accountable to processes and procedures"
Jovan PopeskuJovan Popesku, Tourism Professor, Singidunum University, Serbia
"...Tourist flows lead to the successful renewal of ties among countries that emerged from the former Yugoslavia..."

Herman Erdtsieck & Marion NeidtHerman Erdtsieck & Marion Neid, Founders & Owners, MamboViewPoint Ecolodge, Tanzania 
"It appears there are too many people wanting to "do good" in "poor Africa"...Luckily most volunteers are genuine and have a better understanding"

Cyril DionCyril DionWriter, Film Director & Eco-activist
"What we need now is to find ways to free the creativity, the enthusiasm of most people to get them on board. We don’t need to complain or to cry anymore, we need to act."

Veronika MikosVeronika Mikos, Project Coordinator, Healthy Seas
"We are all responsible for a clean environment. We should not wait for others, including municipalities or NGOs to clean up our mess!"

Robert TraversRobert Travers, International Tourism Expert
"Development agencies do tend to be quite defensive in terms of post project evaluations at present in my experience, and few agencies widely publish or publicise evaluations. This means that negative evaluations are rare, although intervention failures can be many"
Fivos TsaravopoulosFivos Tsaravopoulos, Founder & Manager, Paths of Greece
"To go fast we walk alone, but to go far, we walk together!"
Ayako EzakiAyako Ezaki, Co-founder, TrainingAid
"What matters most in learning are people"
Dan QuilterDan Quilter, Founder, Ecoteer
"Voluntourism, if managed correctly, can be a very good way to fund genuine projects."
Roi ArielRoi Ariel, Sustainable Tourism Advisor
"Little steps can be made to lead us together into a happier and more sustainable world"
Natali DologlouNatali DologlouResearcher, MIRC, Greece
"Ecotourism can open the door to a genuine contact with locals and their culture, which is practically impossible in a more conventional touristic package"
Agata ZborowskaAgata Zborowska Manager, Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, WTTC
"I personally do not think that you can have sustainability without equality"
Nuria ChaconNuria Chacon, STIPA Estudios Ambientales, Spain
"The economic crisis has been the perfect time to improve the economic results of big businesses on the backs of salaries and working conditions of workers. This cannot be sustainable tourism"
Sarah Sitts, NGO Manager, Cambodia
"My key message to those developing community-based sustainable tourism enterprises anywhere is to maintain strong focus on tourist demand"
Rob HironsRob Hirons, Ecolodge Owner, Belize
"I often think of Belize as, as much of a rainbow nation as one is likely to find!"
Joe StaianoJoe Staiano, Ecotour Operator
"Vet, vet and vet again. Tour companies need to vet any and all organisations they work with or support with tourist dollars. Tourists need to vet tour companies they use. Ask tough questions. Ask for references!"
Laura EllLaura Ell, Ecotourism Consultant
"Each community requires a customised approach if is to be successful ....a cookie-cutter approach just won't do!"  
Miles DavisMiles Davis, Ecotourism Consultant
" development is increasingly being used as an investment tool by donor countries' governments and is implemented in exchange for favourable deals"
Vasilis TsipidisVasilis Tsipidis, Administrative Officer, TRAFFIC International
"Tourism planning cannot be left to the industry to decide, it is sad even to consider such a move. "
Dr Jim DuffJim Duff Founder, International Porter Protection Group
"Walking separately and often kept apart, trekkers would have no idea of.... just how ill they might be when paid off if unable to carry further." 
Sudipta Kiran SarkarSudipta Kiran Sarkar, PhD research candidate, School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
"I think there needs to be a paradigm shift a view of tourism as a social force that can bring radical transformation of things"
Julian RossJulian Ross, Chairman, The Old Crown Co-operative, United Kingdom
"In my view, the ‘emotional’, ‘romantic’, ‘idealistic’ aspects are crucial. However, if they are not combined with pragmatic economic/commercial viability, they remain just that."
JoLoyce Hunter-KaiaJoLoyce Hunter-Kaia, B&B Owner-Manager, Hawaii
"...people today seem to want instant answers, I find that when I get in the car to go call them, they have already booked elsewhere..."
Ben BoxBen Box, Editor, South American Handbook
"It is fair to say that travel book publishers are having a tough time at the moment and in some quarters people are raising the spectre of 'the death of the guidebook'. I think it is far too soon to predict that..."
Louis ThompsonLouis Thompson, Eco-designer, Founder & CEO, Nomadic Resorts, Sri Lanka
"We should not be housing the increasing numbers of environmental refugees in what are essentially boy scout tents when we could make portable homes from recycled materials that could be moved from one disaster area to the next"
Dr. Xavier FontXavier Font, Director, PhD Programme, ICRETH, Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom
"For years we have talked about when ecolabelling reaches the economies of scale to make a difference, but it has not. The business models for current certification programmes do not add up because the costs of continuously being assessed outweigh the benefits of membership - therefore requiring very low prices or subsidies"
Massimo MeraMassimo Mera, Founder, Kingfisher Ecolodge, Laos
"...we can clearly see the economic benefits that tourism has brought to the local community thus reducing activities like poaching and logging plus giving a prospect for some community members to create micro businesses..."
Mark WatsonMark Watson, Executive Director, Tourism Concern
"Tourism must be founded upon a respect for fundamental human rights, sustainability, equity and social justice"
Gail HenryGail Henry, Sustainable Tourism Product Specialist, Caribbean Tourism Organization
"I think we are long past the days of colonialism and many tourism-related entities are owned and well-managed by locals."
Dr Lynn MinnaertLynn Minnaert, Lecturer, University of Surrey, United Kingdom
"Social tourism, if it is done well, is certainly socially progressive...On the other hand, the term 'social tourism' is sometimes used too liberally, to justify initiatives that are mainly concerned with the profits and employment levels in the tourism industry" 
Freya Higgins-DesbiollesFreya Higgins-Desbiolles, Senior Lecturer, University of South Australia, Australia
"Workers cooperatives and alternative models are a part of the diverse options we need to create better and more sustainable futures." 
C. Michael HallC. Michael Hall, Professor, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
"Trouble is so many institutions from the World Tourism Organization down have adopted neoliberal positions and policies without even adequate considering what their implications might be at various levels, including knowledge generation and diffusion."
Lidija MavraLidija Mavra, Co-founder, Sock Mob Events/Unseen Tours, United Kingdom
...our tour model is quite radical / non-hierarchical, the [homeless] guides take most of the money, as opposed to the coordinators/directors taking a salary, and our tours reveal some fairly controversial elements of city life that could go against the grain...
Agha Iqrar HaroonAgha Iqrar Haroon, Honorary Head, The Region Initiative (TRI), Pakistan
"Tourism was never allowed to play its role in this region" 
Aviva PearsonAviva Pearson, Chairwoman, The Tourism Society, UK
"Unfortunately, for a majority of destinations, environmental, human rights and other social considerations are an afterthought. They may even have it on paper, but they do not put those policies into practice." 
raulbianchi_sRaoul Bianchi, Principal Lecturer in Tourism & Leisure, Royal Docks Business School, University of East London, UK
"The 2008 financial crisis and ensuing sovereign debt crisis, which has engulfed leading tourism economies such as Spain, Portugal and of course Greece, demonstrates both the precariousness of an economic model built on the shifting sands of speculative real estate and tourism industries, as well as the degree to which different economies have become enmeshed within increasingly integrated circuits of capital worldwide."
Andre DukhiaAndre Dukhia, Tourism Development Specialist Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario, Canada
"Community ownership, control and democratic decision-making are extremely important in my view. On the other hand, the private sector is equipped with the knowledge, resources and network to market the communities".
Tara GujadhurTara Gujadhur, Founder, Traditional Arts & Ethnology Centre, Laos
"I'd like to see a broader approach to tourism development in Laos that can involve anything from handicraft development, more sophisticated cultural interpretation, environmental initiatives in urban areas, to more creative restaurants and accommodation enterprises".
Chris RoseChris Rose, Environmental Campaigner & Consultant
"...sometimes 'green NGOs' endorse corporate behaviour which should be opposed but generally I don't think that's the major problem. I think a bigger problem is poor campaign design and management which means most NGO campaigns are unlikely to succeed, and governments failing to regulate to protect public goods and the public interest"
Judy KarwackiJudy Karwacki, Tourism Entrepreneur, Founder Small Planet Consulting
"Given that aid funded projects are conceived of and implemented by western entities, the pro-market point of view generally is inherent in them. My point of view is that the projects must be market responsive"
Kevin CarsonKevin Carson, Research Associate, Center for a Stateless Society, Author of "Studies in Mutualist Political Economy"
"I think we'll see the emergence of many thousands of relocalized manufacturing economies that will weather the coming collapse of the old mass production economies and centralised states, much like the rural villas became the building blocks of a new society after the fall of the Western Roman Empire."
Brian BenderBrian Bender, Author, "Farming Around the Country: An Organic Odyssey"
"I've never been interested in politics. The whole government looks like a Dr Seuss invention to me: way more parts than necessary to achieve such a lacklustre product. "
Miriam RossMiriam Ross, Press Officer, Survival International
"Survival is calling for tourists to boycott Botswana due to the Botswana government's persistent failure to respect the rights of the Bushmen of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve."
Richard GreemanRichard Greeman, Academic, writer and political activist. Author of "Beware of Vegetarian Sharks".
"Those of us who are privileged to travel in the world should use these opportunities to make and maintain person to person connections with people and organisations in host countries in order to spread information and create links of solidarity."
Steve NoakesSteve Noakes, Executive Director, Pacific Asia Tourism- Adjunct Professor in Sustainable Tourism at Griffith University, Australia
"I would suggest that we have as many national governments as possible fully realise the power (and do something about it) of sustainable tourism to contribute to peace, harmony, respect and tolerance between people and for their own national economic, environmental and social/cultural objectives."
Victor AnaniasVictor Ananias, Secretary-General, ECEAT & Chairman Bugday Association, Turkey
"All strong - successful social movements have been developed from civil, strongly motivated, visionary people's intentions, activities and devotion. When money and funding start to be the dominating-motivating prior tool - there starts the problem."
Manolis PsarrosManolis Psarros, Head, Sustainable Tourism Development Department, Greek Sustainable Tourism Organization, ELAGRO, Greece
"Greek tourism should move from central administration models to
local or regional decentralised administration systems & policies"
Pascal LanguillonPascal Languillon, Director, French Ecotourism Association
"The French government has been very disappointing ...
To put it simply, there are very few specific government policies on tourism and the environment "
Michael Cramer, MEP, European Green PartyMichael Cramer, MEP, European Green Party, Germany
"Ecotourism would be ideal for job generation under a Green New Deal."
Mary Mulvey,Mary Mulvey, CEO, Greenbox, Ireland
"The region, which was once overshadowed by conflict, is now one of the most peaceful places in Ireland and eleven years on from the Belfast Agreement the destination is in an ideal position to welcome tourists to visit "
Brian Tokar InterviewBrian Tokar, Director, Institute for Social Ecology
"The fundamental problem with tourism today is that it transforms communities and important natural areas toward serving the desires and perceived needs of more affluent people who come to visit from other parts of the world "


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