Japanese Mountaineers Climb Terichmir Peak in Chitral, Northern Pakistan

Japanese Mountaineers Climb Terichmir Peak in Chitral, Northern Pakistan

Japanese Expedition successfully climbed the Terichmir Peak in the Hindu Kush Mountain Range, in the Chitral Valley of northern Pakistan. The remarkable achievement of Japanese climbers Mr. Hayride Kazuya and Mr. Kenro Nakajima, along with their dedicated team, has captured the admiration of mountaineering enthusiasts in Pakistan and worldwide. Their successful ascent to the summit of Terichmir is truly awe-inspiring and evidence of their skill, perseverance, and teamwork. Terichmir is an imposing mountain, soaring to a staggering height of 7708 meters (25,289 feet). Its majestic presence and the awe it commands have long made it a symbol of challenge and spiritual significance. The fascination of conquering this peak has drawn climbers from around the globe, but the difficulties posed by its extreme altitude and unforgiving terrain have deterred many. However, Mr. Kazuya, Mr. Nakajima, and their team fearlessly embraced the challenge and embarked on their journey to reach the pinnacle. The arduous trek demanded immense physical and mental strength as they confronted the thin air and freezing temperatures at high altitudes. Yet, they remained undeterred, overcoming every obstacle in their path. Throughout their ascent, the climbers exhibited extraordinary dedication and perseverance, making calculated decisions at each step to ensure their safety...

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Connecting fishing and tourism practices using digital tools: a case study of Marsaxlokk, Malta

Publication available online with open access! "Connecting fishing and tourism practices using digital tools: a case study of Marsaxlokk, Malta". Coastal and maritime cultural heritage (CMCH), such as fishing-related activities, seafood and historical buildings along the seafront, is important for connecting and understanding the identity of communities and places linked to the sea. At the same time, CMCH is a key resource for developing tourism in coastal destinations. In tourism development, CMCH is often used and transformed for the benefit of the visitor experience rather than the well-being of the community. Moreover, fishing and tourism practices involved in tourists’ experiences are becoming less integrated in the local community. In this paper, we explore the opportunities that digital tools provide for including fishing communities in the provision of meaningful experiences for tourists. We ask how digital tools can be used to connect fishing and tourism practices. The study is set in Marsaxlokk, a fishing village in the south-east of Malta. An action-research approach is applied to study the use of the storytelling platform izi.TRAVEL as a participatory tool that enables representatives of the fishing community to cocreate and develop heritage tourism experiences based on their CMCH resources. Informed by social practices theory...

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Koutouki, a small yet majestic cave near Athens


Koutouki Cave, about 2 million years in the making by the karst phenomenon (chemical deposition of calcium carbonate through dripping water) on the eastern side of Mt. Hymettus at 510m asl, was accidentally discovered in 1926 when a goat disappeared through a crack and started bleating. The lucky goat survived what today wo...

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Golden Ethics

Under the globally prevailing socioeconomic order, nearly everyone and everything can be bought at a price (even though everything connected to the environment, human rights and such nuisances peculiarly remains an externality). In this wonderful system, a few zeros can make all the difference between drowning and being pampered like a prince. For $5,000, you risk drowning, or at least being beaten, robbed and pushed-back. Add two extra zeros and you can order a royal treatment (Golden Visa) online. “Abominable”, “people trafficking” can be a perfectly legal, state, enterprise. It is just a matter of the right price and the right laws, and men in black, that will also determine the price differential between the legal and illegal options. If you cannot see anything wrong with this state of affairs, and you consider it as “business as usual”, your politics are solid and your ethics are golden. Congratulations, you are all set for entering EU right-wing politics, an illustrious career lies ahead, just remember to maintain plausible deniability (your orders are misinterpreted), a pseudo-modest lifestyle, and your patriotism aka the last refuge of the scoundrel.

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A Sustainable Travel Journey – Gateway to Authenticity

Throughout a wonderful collaboration with my friend Jana I'm happy to present the latest guest article about authentic travel experiences, the difference between weak and strong sustainability, and the concept of materiality. Enjoy a journey highlighting the beautiful island of Ischia:

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The most advanced Greening Template for Regeneration (part 3)

" />  Green action spaces setting the right scene for the eco-social renewal "Paying our dues for the resources we use." P. Hughes & K. Monica (A Big Strategy) Greening templates and regeneration: action spaces as a paradigm shift catalyst For the last two decades, I have been presenting the concept of a non-physical socio-green infrastruc...

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Global Tourism Plastics Initiative: 2022 Annual Progress Report

Following a pilot reporting exercise conducted in 2021, this is the first annual report of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative (GTPI). The report summarises the progress made by GTPI signatories in implementing their commitments throughout 2021.  The Global Tourism Plastics Initiatives goal is to unite the tourism sector behind a ...

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Discover the Enchanting Beauty of Northern Pakistan

Kumrat, located in the Upper Dir district of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, is a relatively newly explored destination. This fascinating landscape is known for its lush green meadows, towering pine forests, ancient birch trees, vibrant variety of flowers, diverse wildlife, streams and laked. Surrounded by majestic snow-peaked mountains and glacie...

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Benin Republic: A Hidden Gem for Adventure & Nature Lovers

Set on the coast of West Africa, Benin Republic is an unexplored paradise waiting to be discovered. From magnificent natural settings to a wide variety of other attractions, this wondrous nation, with its rich historical and cultural treasures and stunning scenery, promises a memorable experience for every traveler. Cotonou, the country's thriving ...

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The most advanced Greening Template for Regeneration (part 2)

" /> Green action spaces setting the right scene for the green renewal "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." Benjamin Franklin Regeneration has now established itself in our sustainability language but this is where a climate/environmental thinking paradigm at governmental levels in Europe is today. Lots of tactics without a strategy....

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