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The Tulip Gardens of Charun Owir, Upper Chitral, Pakistan

The alpine pasture of Charun Owir in the district of Upper Chitral, Pakistan, is a natural wonderland known for its breathtaking display of large wild tulips. Every year, as May unfolds, the landscape here transforms into a scene straight out of a fairytale, decorated with an abundance of these colorful blooms. The sight of these majestic tulips ag...

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The mighty tyrant and his humble waterfall

When visiting a cultural or natural site, many rush past, some look, few see. A humble waterfall in the centre of Athens' National Garden is a favourite spot of mine as you just can hear soothing water sounds in ultra stereo mode while relaxing on a strategically placed bench. Tourists, couples, small groups, and the occasional horde ...

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Community Regeneration

" /> How the community regeneration can co-opt everyone in addressing nature and climate crises "Nature is saying: This is it. Join me as partner. Deepen, not change so much but deepen, work on more levels and together we can take the changes and make them into transformation and not total collapse."- Jean Houston The most effective community regen...

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Bamboo scaffolding

Bamboo scaffolding

Bamboo scaffolding looks great, works very well, is light, strong, produced with no carbon footprint and biodegrades. Nevertheless, here in Bali, more and more bamboo is being cleared as the building frenzy continues. For who? For rich foreigners wanting luxury villas, or to build hotels. Or for locals wanting to build attractive accommodation for visitors. This is not sustainable or ethical tourism...

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Babu Muhammad: A Seasoned Tour Guide of Northern Pakistan

Babu Muhammad (1930-2022) was a renowned tour guide in the Northern Pakistan region, covering Hindukush, Karakoram, and Himalayas. Born into a notable family in the Mroi village, he grew up in the village, located as a gateway to Upper Chitral. The village had a modest hotel industry, primarily serving the influx of tourists, especially foreign tra...

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Excellent training opportunities with the sectors’ specialists at affordable prices

I am thrilled to share with you today two professional and personal development opportunities that can and will enhance your present and future career prospects. The first training opportunity is offered to you by Moyo Training Foundation in collaboration with Earthvoice. It is the first of this kind and reach, high-value and practical nature-based...

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Alevromoutzouroma, the literally colourful feast of Galaxidi

IMG_20240318_144841-1200x900-m Alevromoutzouroma in Galaxidi, 2024

Literally translating to flour-smudging, Alevromoutzouroma is a traditional flour throwing festival taking place every Clean Monday (the Monday marking the beginning of Lent) in the historic port of Galaxidi (Map) Central Greece. Galaxidi was an strategic fortified stronghold since antiquity controlling trade routes in the ...

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The scary but cute Ghosts of Amfissa

Feast of the Harmaina Ghost in Amfissa, Greece Feast of the Harmaina Ghost in Amfissa, Greece

Amfissa, a town going back three millennia, 20 km from the famous Oracle of Delphi, has had a complicated history, occupied by and/or fiercely resisting Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Knights of St. John, Catalans, Ottomans and Nazis. New empires and religions left their mark but failed to erase ancient customs, which, as in other parts of Greece, are particularly evident during the "Apokries" (Carnival) season, that lasts four weeks sometime between early February to late March, depending on Easter day. One of the most famous 'pagan' feasts, officially part of the "intangible cultural heritage of Greece", is the Harmaina Ghost of Amfissa (Το στοιχειό της Χάρμαινας στην Άμφισσα). The modernised version of the feast, based on local oral traditions, was revived in 1995 and is performed annually since. It starts on the eve of the last Friday of the Carnival and ends 24 hours later. You will see street processions by men, women and children and a performance featuring three giant monsters/ghosts, each representing a borough of Amfissa and the "kodonoforoi" (bell-wearers) skin-wearing, goat-like figures reminiscent of the god Pan, with bells sewn in their uniforms, as the town was also famous for its bell-makers who produced enough sheep bells for the...

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The regenerative tourism – the art of playing it right and leading the way

The regenerative practice of forest bathing enables us to reconnect to nature and ourselves.

The regenerative tourism – the art of playing it right and leading the way

"To succeed with our current nature and climate challenge, we require a philosophy that is underpinned by the understanding that the ecological and social stewardship and the right regeneration model is the optimal path for organisations and individuals to achieve their sustainable and regenerative goals."

- Kinga Monica, Regenerative Coach and Sustainability Innovator
When I first started designing and promoting sustainable travel and tourism projects in the late nineties, ecotourism was barely heard of. There was a tendency to see it more as a fad rather than a serious tourism model it is today. Generating $77bn in revenue according to the Centre for Responsible Travel, CREST, ecotourism amounts to a quarter of the total travel and tourism market.

The new era of Ecotourism with Regeneration and Eco-conscious Traveller as its drivers

Fast-forward to today, and we see regeneration as a driver of this newly defined impactful travel. I believe that, over the next few decades, this emerging approach will be re-defining and shaping all aspects of travel and tourism. It is poised to give rise to new, more Earth and community-centric trends in the entire ecosystem of related disciplines that make up ecotourism. All things considered, we still suffer from a crisis of good travel that creates nature positive long-term impacts.

"I believe that, over the next few decades, this emerging approach will be re-defining and shaping all aspects of travel and tourism. It is poised to give rise to new, more Earth and community-centric trends in the entire ecosystem of related disciplines that make up ecotourism."

- Kinga Monica, Regenerative Coach and Sustainability Innovator

My experience tells me that transformational and regenerative tourism can and should address this challenge. In this piece I would like to share some insights and ideas relating to regenerative tourism and how this emerging realm is shaping hospitality in new exciting ways. As a delegate and a speaker at Eco Resort Network's annual prestigious in-person networking event, I will present my innovative work and share best up-to-date practices with an international group of peers within the eco resort and glamping sectors.  

Designing regenerative models that work is a collaborative process

As an independent consultant at Earthvoice with a diverse portfolio of award-winning ecotourism development concepts, projects and startups, I guide you through the entire design process of making your venture sustainable and regenerative long-term.

Running a multifaceted high-end hospitality business can be a balancing act. I know this first-hand having run successful and award-wining sustainable businesses and projects in the UK and Spain: a hotel, organic restaurant, eco design and innovation centre and activity agency. My community-focused projects that led to the creation of innovative climate and culture multimedia venues in different countries gave me an invaluable insight into what works and what doesn't.

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Systemic greening instigation (part 1)

" /> How can a country kick-start systemic greening and bring everyone onboard "The facts of science are real enough, and so are the techniques that scientists use, and so are the technologies based on them. But the belief system that governs conventional scientific thinking is an act of faith." -Rupert Sheldrake Systemic greening instigation – see...

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