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Facilitating the creation of worker-owned tourism businesses

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For a Progressive Tourism, beyond theory, we need action - we have to build the new, progressive, democratic tourism structures that may eventually replace the capitalist, hierarchical ones. Consider this actual situation: hundreds of unemployed tourism graduates in the global north are endlessly searching for a meaningful job that also pays a livi...

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Sustainability Management for Tourism Businesses: What, Why and How

TrainingAid, an international tourism training company specialized in sustainable tourism, offers a facilitated professional course on Sustainability Management for Tourism Businesses, which provides useful tools for managing, monitoring and continuously improving sustainability practices.  Based on lessons and discussions shared during t...

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Promotion of Green Tourism in Northern Pakistan


Northern Pakistan offers tremendous opportunities for trekkers and adventurists. After experiencing the landscape once, it casts a magic spell and compels them to repeat visits many times in their lives. These places start from Kumrat up to the Chitral valley (Drosh, Kalash valleys to the Tirich Mir base camp and Torkhow, Broghil and further on to ...

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Precarity, a Key Determinant Affecting Tourism's Claim to Contribute to Inclusive Growth and Sustainability


Introduction  Poverty, and its twin 'sister', inequality, are becoming increasingly entrenched in many societies despite decades of attempts to improve living standards by a host of agencies such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, Oxfam and many others. According to OXFAM (Jan. 2022) just 10 billionaires ow...

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Stand Out from the Crowd: How Communicating Sustainability Can Help You Accelerate Your Success.

Offering eco products and services nowadays demands a clear and effective communication.Growing ecological awareness of climate crisis and many issues related to it drives demand for ethical goods. Products and services come today in various shades of green and blue; from the most ethically radical to the least aware, stuck in outdated business as ...

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Beyond Sustainable Tourism: the case for a Progressive Tourism!

220527-eb-mx Sign welcoming visitors to Caracol 10, a Zapatista village in Chiapas

The case for a new, Progressive Tourism is both practical and conceptual.  As the status quo first infiltrates and then hijacks our terms, structures, networks and initiatives, we have to create new ones, otherwise we simply cannot be heard in the internet cacophony!  Progressive Tourism goes beyond Sustainable Tourism. It includes the "System Change" part of the motto "System Change not Climate Change). It prioritizes individual, collective and political action, including tourism policy and advocacy, to correct inequality and injustice, preserve human rights and labour rights, and promote direct, genuine and economic democracy, within the tourism and hospitality sectors but also in the host communities, destinations and broadly, the societies. Sustainable Tourism nowadays is so de-politicized, that it is readily endorsed (in the form of national sustainable tourism initiatives and labels) by repressive regimes imprisoning journalists and dissidents and multinationals eager to greenwash their exploitative, oligopolistic models alike. It is more about generating new tourism markets, channels and revenue streams, rather than changing the existing ones. It adds half-positive/half-baked theories rather than subtracts negative practices.If we consider Mobility, Leisure, Travel and Tourism as basic Human Rights, we should advocate a better, Tourism for All, as an indispensable tool and element of the...

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A Demonetized Hospitality?

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Hospitality predates Money, according to History but also common sense, therefore the notion of a Hospitality that does not involve a monetary transaction, let's call it demonetized, is not utopian. But, back to the present, how could a Demonetized Hospitality pay the bills? Let's have a look at these bills. Electricity? Go off-grid. Water? Use a bore hole, a stream, a lake, or -soon- even the sea. Maintenance? Repairs? The guests can lend a hand. Furniture? The guests can bring second-hand unwanted items or, if they have the skills, create the furniture from locally available materials. Wages? No employees, guests volunteer, in shifts, or they become part-owners. The general idea is: Sharing. Do we dare to share? It seems sharing is the greatest taboo, not just in hospitality but in general, for everything considered 'property', which, as Proudhon pointed out, is at the same time theft and freedom. But property in terms of the means of production, of tourism production in this case, is, if you think about it, an artificial and rather absurd idea and a complete twist of the notion of genuine hospitality. If only we did not have 10,000 years of human civilization, built on divisions, hierarchies, power monopolies and...

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Support needed

Hi everyone!Hi everyone!Please support Bernis and his company 2Morrow Trip to learn more about European customers. He's the CEO of a sustainable travel agency in and wants to offer tours to European clients, especially in France, UK and Germany.Please take some time and answer his questions to help him customize tours in Benin for European clients! The survey is available in English and French: you for your support.

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Inequality, Hierarchy, Oligarchy, Tyranny, War

aspalathoi Sic semper tyrannis

Hierarchy and Inequality are at the root of all our tragedies. Were we ever able to stop obeying orders, and to freely decide for ourselves and our loved ones, based on our enlightened self-interest and common interest, and IF we could fairly SHARE the immense wealth already available on earth among ourselves, among cl...

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Terich Mir: The Jewel of the Hindukush Region


Those majestic snow towers And varieties of wildflowers Golden peaks with fairy tale Serene is Terich, the vale  Terich Mir (7,708m) is the highest in the chain of eleven of the Hindukush Mountain range with different routes to their summits. The main peak is visible from every part of the Chitral region. For the last 80 years, ...

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