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Benin Tourism: three things I would change

220921-iwaria-inc-unsplash-800 Photo by Iwaria Inc. on Unsplash

Benin is a country full of potential and tourist attractions. You only have to look at it when you leave one town to another. If I had a magic wand, the first thing I would do would be to reconstruct the way in which cultural and cultic riches are presented and seen by some of my compatriots. We must take the example of Vodoun, which is demonised b...

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Eco Tour in Nepal

Travel with cause No plastic bottles while Traveling

Simsime Travel one of the popular travel agency in Nepal practice the travel with cause. Where all participants in Tour contribute for the some social cause. In the travel with cause, youth do volunteering for the cleaning the destination and making the local aware about the minimizing the impact of tourism.  Travel and clean the destination. ...

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Sustainable Tourism in Italy's Marche Region

220914-blogs-bernard-hermant-unsplash San Severino Marche - Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Marche is a region in the central area of Italy on the east coast. Thanks to its natural and cultural beauty, the touristic sector has had a huge increase in the last few years. Characterized by national parks, mountains, countryside landscapes, and beautiful beaches, Marche has mainly developed outdoor tourism, often respecting sustainability stan...

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Nakelo Treasure Island Resort, Fiji – A Case Study in Inclusive Tourism Economy, Indigenous Empowerment and Collaborative Management

Dr Trevor SofieldVisiting Professor, University of Girona, SpainAbstract Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with its call for 'triple bottom line' action is often heralded with grand statements that purportedly attest to the commitment by an organization or business to the ideal of attaining a balance between economics, the environment and ...

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Sustainability ice rink

Hi all. This maybe is a non solution question but does anyone knows any sustainable process to create and maintain an ice-rink. Thanks

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Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries, October 2022 Program, Outdoor Adventures and Gastronomy

Pyrgos-Farm2 Organic Farm and Hike

Greetings from Crete, Greece! We had a great summer in Crete. We're finally back to organizing academic study tours and open programs. Our visitors learned a lot and had a great time! I will be speaking at the International Workshop on Agritourism on August 30, 2022.Our documentary is in post-production now, with our new editor in Athens. We hope t...

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New blog article about Benin

Dear community, After a break due to a new job, I share my new blog article with you featuring Bernis, a young entrepreneur from Benin. He is the CEO of 2Morrow Trip, a sustainable tourism agency, and will get give you insights about his home country: reading

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Facilitating the creation of worker-owned tourism businesses

220701-blogs-ap Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

For a Progressive Tourism, beyond theory, we need action - we have to build the new, progressive, democratic tourism structures that may eventually replace the capitalist, hierarchical ones. Consider this actual situation: hundreds of unemployed tourism graduates in the global north are endlessly searching for a meaningful job that also pays a livi...

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Sustainability Management for Tourism Businesses: What, Why and How

TrainingAid, an international tourism training company specialized in sustainable tourism, offers a facilitated professional course on Sustainability Management for Tourism Businesses, which provides useful tools for managing, monitoring and continuously improving sustainability practices.  Based on lessons and discussions shared during t...

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Promotion of Green Tourism in Northern Pakistan


Northern Pakistan offers tremendous opportunities for trekkers and adventurists. After experiencing the landscape once, it casts a magic spell and compels them to repeat visits many times in their lives. These places start from Kumrat up to the Chitral valley (Drosh, Kalash valleys to the Tirich Mir base camp and Torkhow, Broghil and further on to ...

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