Opportunities for ecotourism in Slovakia: an international online conference

With the ever more pressing issues related to sustainable regional development, nature use and nature protection not only in protected areas, ecotourism is viewed as the right form of tourism successfully addressing these topics. As a result, several experts from both Slovakia and abroad joined the online conference from 17th till 18th September to...

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International tourism is recovering after six months, a group of French tourists arrived in Chitral

International tourism is recovering after six months, a group of French tourists arrived in Chitral

  بین الاقوامی سیاحت چھ ماہ بعد بحال ہورہی ہے ،فرانس کا ایک گروپ سیاح چترال پہنچا International tourism is recovering after six months, a group of French tourists arrived in Chitral

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Heritage Protectors from Crete, Greece: Documentary Trailer by Nikki Rose

Greetings from Crete, Greece! We are very excited to share the trailer of our upcoming documentary, Heritage Protectors! Stories from people in Crete, Greece, striving to protect their cultural, natural and agricultural heritage, which is all at risk. Local messengers on global challenges. Producer-Director, Nikki RoseFounder of the award-winning Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries Educational #IGrowYourFood September 25 is a global action day celebrating the men and women who grow our food sustainably.    

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Pakistan to host World Tourism Forum 2021: SAPM Zulfi Bukhari

Pakistan to host World Tourism Forum 2021: SAPM Zulfi Bukhari

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and PTDC Chairman, Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari, announced on Monday that World Tourism Forum 2021 will be held in

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Booni is Where Beauty of Nature Never Ceases to Enchant

Booni, a beautiful town 85 kilometer to the north-east of Chitral Town, is the headquarters of the newly established district Chitral Upper in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The residents of Booni are Khos, and they speak 'Khowar' which is spoken and understood throughout Chitral valley. Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, along with English is...

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My Favorite Place

7,268 miles. 11,679 kilometers. That is the distance between all I had ever known in my hometown in Texas to the small pacific island of Guam. I moved there with my family at the age of 14 when my mom accepted a job offer. Two incredible, difficult, life-changing years that opened my eyes up to a piece of the world, changed my life and introduced m...

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A local Convention & Visitors Bureau facilitates a safe return for Tourism, in Morretes, Brazil

It's been a difficult 12 months in southern Brazil. As well as dealing with the global pandemic, the area has been hit with flooding, drought and a cyclone! Covid-19 has now claimed over 114,000 fatalities, with 3.5 million cases, over 500,000 companies have closed and close to 8 million have lost their jobs. In this context it's not surprising tha...

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Broghil National Park & Karambar Lake, Pakistan

Karambar Lake, also known as Qurumbar Lake, is a high-altitude lake located towards the end of Broghil, district Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is the 33rd highest in the world and one of the biologically active lakes on earth. The maximum length of the lake 3.9 km (2.4 mi) maximum width of 2 km (1.2 mi) with a total surface area of...

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Report by Nikki Rose: Crete Needs to Restore its Gastronomic Heritage

Cooking in Eastern Crete CCS Documentary in Progress

From the Destination Stewardship Report, e-newsletter is a collaboration between the Destination Stewardship Center and Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and in time maybe others.  Crete Needs to Restore its Gastronomic Heritage Culinary expert Nikki Rose says Crete has wandered far from its roots as the "Garden of Greece," losing traditiona...

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Supporting local communities while looking at rebuilding business coming out of this pandemic

200805-tube-wallet Tube Wallet made from car inner tube through sewing & polishing

This pandemic has just shown us once more how big our responsibility is towards the people we work with in the tourism industry: from full-time tourism business staff to freelance guides and drivers, as well as small locally owned businesses or NGOs or the communities which are regularly visited by tourists. Without being able for visitors to visit...

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