Tourists flock to Pakistan's mountainous north

Tourists are returning to the mountains of northern Pakistan. The spillover from the war in neighbouring Afghanistan, following the US-led invasion 14 years...

Booni—A Must Visit Destination

Hemmed in by gigantic Booni Zom (6,542 m) to the East and Hindukush Mountain Range to the West, Booni Town is located 85 kilometers to the north-east of district Chitral (Lower). Spread around 8 square kilometers, it is the headquarter of the newly established district Chitral Upper.

Traditional hospitality marked by indigenous cultural values, peace, friendliness...
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"The fact that great apes are so closely related to humans gives us hope that once there is a vaccine or cure for humans, it might also work for great apes" www.unenvironment.org/news-and-stories/story/what-…

What COVID-19 means for ecotourism

Interview with Johannes Refisch, United Nations Great Apes Survival Partnership Programme, Programme Manager and Coordinator