Demonstration “Save the Estonian Forests!”

Vabaduse Platz, Tallinn, 21 March 2020

Sustainable Travel Ireland, formerly Ecotourism Ireland, is now officially recognised by GSTC. ecoclub.com/headlines/eco-news/1312-200226-ie-gstc

Sustainable Travel Ireland Adopts the GSTC Industry Criteria

Sustainable Travel Ireland has formally adopted the GSTC Industry Criteria to be used in Ireland by accommodations and tour operators.

It is most welcome that the ITB organisers are not panicking and that ITB Berlin is not being cancelled, considering that the coronavirus has a very low mortality rate - mainly very old men who are already sick from other causes. The travel industry will pay a disproportionately high price from this outbreak and all tourism stakeholders should consider insuring themselves from now on for virus... Show more

Messe Berlin - Informations

Messe Berlin is among the world’s ten leading trade fair companies operating their own exhibition grounds. Every year, more than 100 regional, national and international…

From Overtourism to (coro)Notourism it is just one Virus away. The lesson to be learned is that tourism monoculture is dangerous for an economy/society, www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-asia-touri…

'Holidays in hell' could cost Asia up to $115 billion in lost GDP due to virus: ING

Asian economies could lose $105-$115 billion in gross domestic product (GDP) thi...