Entitled "Courage to Change", the European Green Party Manifesto for the EU 2024 Elections is interesting both in what it includes and what it does not. A lot is common sense and will be welcomed by ecologically-minded voters. But there are some naive (change via tax and spend) and annoying bits such as the agnosticism towards Capitalism (mentioned twice in 47 pages and only in connection with IT... Show more

A cautionary tale for small tourism businesses wasting their advertising budget on corporate social media www.theguardian.com/business/2024/feb/15/x-paid-po…

Take the money and run? I tested X’s paid-promotion model, and it was woeful | Gene Marks | The Guardian

Granted, a $50 investment wasn’t going draw in millions of clicks, but I expected more than just a few bots to show interest

It's 2024 and the DMOs of many tourism-dependent small island states still use women, usually scantily dressed, as props! Is this the type of tourist they are really after?

Tourism (and non-tourism) mega corporations: Stop saving us and start paying! Few really expect corporates to "save the world" or even the so-called "destinations" (actually someone's home) they are active in. If these corporations really wanted to help, rather than pretending to play the role of the government, they could start paying meaningful amounts of local taxes (rather than enjoying local... Show more

Fascinating, but is the status quo really capable of changing its thinking on Cosmos if it cannot change its thinking on Wars? If it still believes that 10,000 dead children are just legal, collateral damage? www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-67950749

Huge ring of galaxies challenges thinking on cosmos

Scientists discover a huge, ring-shaped structure in space which questions our ideas of the universe.

The "war on drugs": it is hard to say if it is failing or succeeding without examining the real, original motives (meddling and propping up an economic model). A book to help you decide: www.akpress.org/drug-war-capitalism.html

Good to read that tourism is recovering in Sri Lanka after decades of war and the pandemic, however some of the ideas mentioned in the article, such as developing remote islands and airports for the ultra wealthy are not the way to go, if you are to spread the benefits to all. Community-based and owned tourism should be prioritized. www.aljazeera.com/features/2023/12/19/a-nice-feeli…

Bombs to buzzing beaches: Sri Lanka sees tourism surge after long crisis | Tourism | Al Jazeera

Hotel attacks, COVID-19 and an unmatched economic crisis devastated Sri Lanka’s tourism. Now, visitors are returning.

"Stop, thieves, of lives" Televised theft of recent Banksy artwork probably staged by the artist to draw further attention to the ongoing carnage in Gaza? www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-bristol-67802939

London onlookers watched as man removed Banksy art

Banksy, believed to have been born in Yate, included three drones on a stop sign in his latest piece.

A sweatshop can achieve net zero and still be a sweatshop. A 'green' 6-star development in the "middle of nowhere" (in fact displacing locals) may use the latest technology to lower emissions and still be an environmental human and labour rights eyesore built and owned by exploitative and often ill-gotten Capital. Surely the csr cabal realizes that but does not want 'consumers' (what they call... Show more

Is the best way to get rid of an anachronistic institution (such as an unelected, hereditary, royal as head of state) in the long run, to ban even innocuous, let alone justified criticism of the said institution or the person(s) occupying the associated positions? That is if we believe that democratic criticism rings the bells and there can be timely changes in the institution and/or the... Show more

Thai MP sentenced to six years for insulting monarchy | Politics News | Al Jazeera

Opposition lawmaker Rukchanok Srinork was prosecuted under Thailand’s strict lese-majeste laws.