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Germany: "Destinations in the balance: Getting it right...

Destinations in the balance: Getting it right for visitors and residents We reveal findings from a new report by Cornell University, EplerWood Int’l and the Travel Foundation, and consider how destinations can develop a balanced and sustainable approach, that accounts for both costs and benefits, and the views of residents and other stakeholders. Introduced and moderated by: Graeme Jackson, Head...

  • Friday, 08 March 2019 12:30
  • Hall 4.1 / ITB Central Stage (Big Stage), Messedamm 22, Berlin, Germany

New research finds that a fish species has passed the mirror self-recognition test indicating that fish have self-awareness, something formerly recognised only for apes, dolphins, elephants and crows. If correct, it has serious repercussions for the way fish are caught, they may be suffering tremendously in the process.

If a fish can pass the mark test, what are the implications for consciousness and self-awareness testing in animals?

A marine fish, the cleaner wrasse, appears to perform all the appropriate behavioural responses during the mirror, or mark test. Does this mean that cleaner…

Sompawn Khantisouk, Ecotourism Entrepreneur in Laos and Member of Ecoclub, who is missing since 2007, is remembered on Facebook by his friend and business partner Bill Tuffin as one more year passes without news. The Rule of Law, the prevention of the arbitrary exercise of power, is a prerequisite for the creation of a truly just society and economy. In too many countries environmental... Show more - Sompawn Khantisouk, Ecotourism...

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Congratulations! May your company live to celebrate 108 years! and create many more wonderful hiking trails and walking paths around Greece!
Interesting new video about the 'Rematia' also known as 'Rema Chalandriou' and 'Rema Polydrosou' a large seasonal river in northern Athens and its struggling wildlife. An urban ecotourism attraction known only to a few.
(In Greek, unfortunately no subtitles).

Final Rematia All


As the Balangiga Bells return to the Philippines, it must be stressed that it is never too late for former and current imperial powers to return stolen cultural relics inappropriately displayed as trophies in museums. In addition, local municipalities should organise international campaigns for the return of stolen artefacts - even if they fail they will have promoted their destination at a low... Show more

Welcome to Ecoclub! It really depends on why you resigned and what exactly do you understand by 'responsible tourism', in other words what it is you consider different/alternative in this type of tourism compared to the mainstream, what really attracts you to it, how mobile you are, and - perhaps - if you are prepared to accept a huge pay cut comp...

Travel Visas are an anachronism!

New European Travel Commission Report calls for full Visa Liberalisation for Chinese Travellers

The European Travel Commission (ETC) has published a report quantifying the potential impacts of visa facilitation for Chinese travellers on European tourism.

New Spanish film 'Hotel Exploitation: Las Kellys' by Georgina Cisquella documents the struggle of thousands of overworked and underpaid women who clean hotel rooms. Also notable, the great Manu Chao has endorsed their campaign and is promoting the film through his social media to millions of followers:

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