Who needs forests when you can have soybeans? The side effects of cheap meat in graphic detail thanks to the new timelapse feature in Google Earth earth.google.com/web/@-16.78379398,-62.79654238,26…

Wonderful art! Does he sell them online? Perhaps this could help as there are few tourists during the pandemic?

Generosity, friendship and the exchange of news, ideas and gifts between guest and host was at the heart of ancient hospitality. Mass-produced tourism unfortunately bears little resemblance to genuine hospitality as it has degraded the phenomenon to

16 February 2021, record snowfall in Athens, bitter oranges are ... bitter!

If this is accurate, please escort this person out of the Ministry... eturbonews.com/2899612/brazilian-tourism-minister-…

Interesting thoughts dealing with vast topics that can cover whole books! I believe that you are talking about popular perceptions, rather than definitions. Nowadays there are very detailed legal definitions of what sustainable tourism is and is not,

An important new report on "The Economics of Biodiversity" by the University of Cambridge for the British government. It argues that we need a different measure than Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and among other things recommends that we should expand and improve access to protected areas, invest in nature-bases solutions, and introduce natural capital in national accounting systems. All of which is... Show more

Final Report - The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review

Final Report of the Independent Review on the Economics of Biodiversity led by Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta.

Congratulations for making the best out of a very difficult situation. It seems that domestic tourists are both more demanding and more price sensitive than international ones, something that I have also observed in Greece.

New research indicates that a significant one-off transfer rather than micro loans may be more effective in getting people out of the poverty trap. www.lse.ac.uk/research/research-for-the-world/econ…

Wonderful news. These videos not only promote Pakistan as a new tourism destination but also help dispel bigotry and ignorance!