World Tourism Day today, a great day for self-congratulating bureaucrats, CSR departments of tourism multinationals and members of the jet-set chattering classes teaching how the 'masses' causing 'overtourism' should behave on holidays that "should not have been so cheap", or enjoyable, or even taken place, always for the sake "of the planet". Meanwhile, people are dying trying to reach the... Show more

Thank you very much for this inspiring case study, Professor! It is always great to learn of progressive ownership models in Tourism. The mataqali concept is interesting in that it may be a conservative, hierarchical, (nepotistic even?) social struct

Factors influencing the sustainability of an ice rink include first and foremost its geographic location and the time of the year. Then, raw materials (how is the ice made), power sources (how the ice is preserved) and the construction materials of t

Many countries have enshrined in their Constitution the, one would think obvious, public character of National parks, forests, coastlines and beaches. But powerful private interests are pressing non-stop for the erosion of such annoying - to them - legal protection and the result is covert, indirect and creeping privatization. Currently a bill is being considered in the Brazilian parliament that... Show more

In Brazil, Politicians Push to Privatize Beaches | Hakai Magazine

A new bill that would open a huge chunk of Brazil’s coast to tourism development could have far-reaching consequences.

If one brilliant mathematician in Kashmir can build a solar car by himself, without technical or financial aid, imagine what could be achieved if the large automakers and governments were really serious about climate change. Bilal Ahmed's dream is to build an affordable solar car for the people. What if a local solar car cooperative could emerge?…

Meet the Indian maths teacher who built his own solar-powered car

The Indian creator wants to scale up his operation to make luxury electric cars a reality for the ‘common people’ of Kashmir.

Three tourists dead from carbon monoxide poisoning at a high-end, multinational-owned resort in the Bahamas. How difficult is it to make carbon monoxide detectors (cheap and easy to install) mandatory in all accommodation facilities? Apparently basic safety is not voluntarily included in "all-inclusive" resorts?…

'Carbon monoxide poisoning' cause of deaths at Sandals Emerald Bay Resort

CARBON monoxide poisoning was found to be the cause of death of three American tourists who were found at Sandals in Exuma earlier this month,…

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