Great green documentaries, free to watch online:

Vegan Film Festival

"Until June 30, 2020, eleven of the twelve short films that were available on the world tour will now be free to watch”

Millions of US hospitality workers are unemployed due to the pandemic and without healthcare!…

What the Boss of the Most Devastated Union in Travel Has to Say About the Future

The leader of one of the hospitality industry’s largest unions still sees opportunity for the labor movement in the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Quarantine Madness: Nigeria's River State Governor demolishes two hotels for allegedly violating lockdown orders!…

Confusion as Gov. Wike begins demolition of hotels that allegedly violated lockdown order - Businessday NG

Confusion seems to engulf Rivers State as Gov Nyeson Wike and his squad began demolishing two hotels in a part of Rivers State over alleged…

The Pandemic at last brings some positive coverage of Ecotourism…

Conservation in crisis: ecotourism collapse threatens communities and wildlife

From Kenya to the Seychelles, coronavirus has dealt a devastating blow to efforts to protect endangered wildlife

Airbnb promises to 'go back to its roots' and refocus on homes, in response to the pandemic. This is a positive development for the sharing economy, but sadly Airbnb will have to fire 25% of its workforce.…

May 5: An important update from Airbnb - Resource Center

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the travel industry, and today we shared the difficult news that we’re reducing the size of the Airbnb workforce.

It feels like just after a great earthquake, the sea has retreated (the quarantine is slowly retreating) people are admiring and collecting some sea shells and basking in the sunshine, and in a few hours the giant tsunami of unemployment will arrive.

If the governments will not assist small tourism & leisure companies cope with covid someone else will!

Italy's desperate receive mafia offers they can't refuse

Italian businesses are crumbling in the crisis, leaving a familiar "benefactor" to fill the vacuum.

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater…

The war on tourism

Travel and tourism have liberated mankind – we cannot afford to lose them to the pandemic.

The French government bailed out Air France on condition that they will stop competing with high-speed rail. This is a good start however to be fair train operators should also receive an equal subsidy!…

Air France ordered to curb competition with rail in France - International Railway Journal

In exchange for a €7bn coronavirus aid package Air France will have to stop competing with TGV services where rail offers a viable alternative