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About ecoclub.com

Ecoclub.com is a progressive tourism community founded in 1999. We stand for a tourism which is controlled by the workers/employees, minimizes its environmental impact, meets real local community needs and brings knowledge and intercultural understanding. We promote best practice examples of Accommodations, Tours, Attractions, Restaurants, Cafes and other leisure facilities through our Ecoclub Ecolodges™ and Ecoclub Recommended™ programmes. Our long-running Eco Luminaries™ Interview series features inspiring tourism practitioners and academics, while our Ecotourism Jobs & Careers service helps job-seekers seeking meaningful employment opportunities. Everyone who agrees with our philosophy and is eager to collaborate with us and other Members to put it into practice is welcome to join, free of charge, today!


Antonis Petropoulos
Antonis holds a BSc in Economics and an MSc in Economic History from the London School of Economics (LSE), and an MSc in Shipping, Trade & Finance from City, University of London. He is the Founder & Editor of the Ecoclub.com portal. In the time-honoured Athenian fashion of questioning everything and everyone, his favourite activities include seeking out, with a virtual Diogenes' lantern inspiring eco practitioners and academics, and developing a progressive tourism theory and practice. Past experiences include coordinating tourism policy for an ecological party, public speaking, managing a sustainable Villa, working for an international shipping association and a large shipping container line, now defunct. Old enough to remember when modems sung and telecoms charged per email and young enough to still be in favour of radical, peaceful change from below!

Frosso Dimitrakopoulou Frosso Dimitrakopoulou
Frosso holds an MSc in Finance from Birkbeck, University of London and a BSc in Business Administration from Piraeus University. Frosso is the Co-founder of Ecoclub.com and Head of our Consultancy Services, specializing in Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism. Frosso is a Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA) and a Provisional Lead Auditor for ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems IRCA. She also holds the GSTC Certificate in Sustainable Tourism and is a trained Green Destinations Auditor. Frosso is the Vice president of the Greek Ecotourism Society and a voting Member of Archelon, a leading Greek conservation NGO. Before co-founding Ecoclub.com, Frosso enjoyed a successful career in Banking. 



Selected Testimonials

"Thank you for building a community that is Ecoclub. I found it very beneficial for freelancing consultants in the sustainable tourism world to connect and share job opportunities."
Chi Lan Nguyen, ESG Consultant, Trainer & Auditor (November 2022)

"Your comments on my job search acted as a catalyst for self reflection, providing me with the opportunity to ask what I wanted out of a career in ‘sustainable tourism"
Harry Mew, Recent Graduate & Jobseeker (March 2022)

"I just wanted to thank you and Ecoclub.com for your amazing job announcements. I recently applied for a job that I saw on your platform and got it so will be moving to Armenia next month from Vietnam!"
Ameer Virani, Founder, Share the Wonder (June 2021)

"I had found my Thailand job on EcoClub.com, an international job site for volunteer, freelance, research and permanent work in tourism and environmentalism"
Cass Belino, "So You Want to Move Abroad After College?" (April 2021)

"We are in the process of selling our property. Sales Agreement is signed, deposit made!  You can take our Almost Paradise listing off. Thank you for your help and your efforts."
Uwe Baumann, Grenada (May 2020)

"I work for one of the best responsible travel companies in the world, if not the best, I might be biased, for seeing a real interest in sustainability and responsible tourism around me everyday, for seeing how we actually make a positive impact on the communities we visit. I've been a member for one year now and would like to still be a member with access to all resources, this space is an inspiration from many points of view."
Andreea Preluca, Travel Executive, Intrepid (November 2018)

"SLEF was founded in 1998 and those days Ecoclub was the only source we got information on ecotourism that helped a lot to develop our organization. I really appreciate the great contribution made by Ecoclub in supporting ecotourism fraternity in the world. Your able guidance and dedication mattered the most in bringing the Ecoclub what we see today."
Palitha Gurusinghe, Founder & President, Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation (December 2017)

"We have finally sold the lodge and we have signed today the sale contract, you can therefore cancel Kingfisher Ecolodge from the Ecoclub listing. I would like to thank you again for your help and support and I wish you all the best"
Massimo Mera, Laos (July 2017)

"I am really a big fan of ecoclub and find this platform very useful"
Vera Mikos, Project Coordinator, Healthy Seas (January 2017)

Recommended in "Guidelines for Marketing Community Based Tourism Products" - "contact them [Ecoclub] for direct marketing to consumers" (2017)

"Thank you for starting ecoclub, it is amazing, and starting me on my way to my dreams with Ecoteer!"
Dan Quilter, Founder, Ecoteer.com (October 2015)

"We continue to be inspired by those that straddle the academic/practitioner divide, for example, Antonis Petropoulos (ecoclub) and Ron Mader (Planeta), making sure that the message gets 'out there'."
Carl Cater, Brian Garrod and Tiffany Low eds, Encyclopaedia of Sustainable Tourism (CABI, September 2015).

"Thank you so much for taking the time to go through the site with a fine tooth comb. I really do appreciate the effort you have made and I will be working my way through all your comments and amending the site as I go."
Rob Hirons, Proprietor, The Lodge at Big Falls, Belize - November 2014

"Your response to my question is detailed, informative and substantial ... the exact nature of content I have come to trust of ecoclub. I very much appreciate the time you've taken to put your answer together."
Devon Concar, Social Enterprise Program Manager, South Africa - May 2014

"I would suggest that ecoclub can continue to focus on being the leading provider of ecotourism job postings, education resources and events as you have been"
Laura Ell, Ecotourism Consultant - March 2014

"Thank you very much for your great website, full of information and consultancy offers...I use it quite often!"
Norbert Trehoux, Ecotourism Consultant, NT Consulting - February 2013

"You guys are awesome and I thank Google in helping me to find your website. Keep up the good job you do..."
D. Wilcox, Aspiring Ecolodge Owner, Hawaii - July 2012

"I've found two of my favourite employers through ecoclub. I don't know how else I would have tapped into job opportunities in this niche industry in a specific city. ecoclub jobs listing has really delivered."
Cynthia Ord - May 2012

"I really appreciate your comments and feedback. Nobody has invested so much time to analyse my CV"
J. Colomer, Graduate, Germany - Aug 2011

"You run a very good website. It is unique in the information you share especially the job and project postings. I often refer students and job hunters to your website because there is no one who does what you do."
Carol Patterson, Tourism Consultant, Director of Kalahari Management, Author of "The Business of Ecotourism" - December 2010

"My hearty congratulations on your annual Awards ceremony and 10-year anniversary!"
Arq. Hector Ceballos-Lascurain, Director General, PICE, Mexico - July 2009

"Congratulations on 10 years of ecoclub!...From my perspective, it's an absolute pleasure dealing with such a professionally run, passionate, innovative and informative organisation.  Thank-you for your marvellous work and thank-you for the Award which will make a big difference very soon for the Peruvian community of Chichubamba."
Jane Crouch, Responsible Travel Manager, Intrepid Travel, Australia - July 2009 

"I wanted to thank you for your efforts with sustainable and responsible travel, and for giving us an outlet to encourage people to follow responsible travel opportunities" - Chosen as one of "20 favourite responsible travel sites"
V. Ronco, DreamBank, Canada, March 2009

"A great source of information I have always used"
J. Schonharl, ECOT, Chiangmai, Thailand, February 2009

"Many thanks for taking care of the indigenous Khow and Kalash communities. I do hope that the reverent ecoclub under your leadership will continue its support to protect the cultural heritage and natural environment of the people in the Hindu Kush and to developing it into potential tourism products in future."
Shams Uddin, CAMAT Chitral, Pakistan, January 2009

"No doubt the publicity we received through ecoclub (for the ESTC 2008 conference) was an important factor in making it such a well-attended event. Thank you very much for your generous support"
Ayako Ezaki, Director of Communications, The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), November 2008

"www.ECOCLUB The International [eco]Tourism Club site is worth a look. They have a small selection of ecologically friendly hotels and holidays, but their strength is in their listings and the information aimed at professionals, including a magazine, job listings, a forum and education section. You need to join to get the best out of the site"
Deborah Gray, Author, "The Green Website Guide for better living", Southbank Publishing, London, October 2008 

"We are very happy to be part of ecoclub, it has been very useful for us, not just with the award but also in finding staff. We are also looking now for business partners in other countries and so I will be using your bulletin board again soon! In the meantime thanks to you and your members for making our project possible."
Debby Watkins, Director, Carpe Diem Travel, January 2008

"ecoclub has inspired me to create more than just a bed and breakfast for tourists in upstate New York. With the guidelines that I have learned through your organization, we have created a Bed and Breakfast that works with our lifestyle, has an emphasis on ecology and is interwoven with the local culture. The result is a more meaningful experience for me and my son, for each guest and for the local community. Our little homebased business has a much higher purpose. We are hoping that our efforts help to preserve not only our 5-acre farm but this very vulnerable County."
Mary Koch, Owner, Thyme in the Country, November 2007

"For many ecotourism devotees, “luxury is the opposite of eco,” said Antonis Petropoulos, director of the Athens-based ecoclub, an international network of affordable lodges that focus on nature. In Spain, for instance, ecoclub’s sole (Ecolodge) member is Mas Lluerna Eco Farm in Catalonia, where visitors live on an organic farm and surrounding wetlands and cook on solar-powered ovens."
New York Times, "Trying to be green, with very little water", 19 August 2007, Article by Joanna Kakissis.

"Our guest left today after extending from 6 booked nights to 11 - and then 15 nights! (record) - ecoclub clients are the best! She came to Sri Lanka because of ecoclub and Tree Tops"
Lars Sorensen, Proprietor, Tree Tops Jungle Lodge, Sri Lanka, July 2007

"ecoclub, based in Greece, links to the Web sites of eco-lodges, hotels and resorts in more than 80 countries. It also offers useful eco-travel news and advice."
Washington Post, "How to Find a Hotel That's Truly Fit for The Eco-Friendly", 8 June 2007

"We could not be successful in our public relations without the contribution you make to us on such an ongoing basis. So, thank you again for your efforts in our conference announcements and other operational notices."
Katie Maschman, Director of Membership & Communications, The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), March 2007

"A big "Thank you" for the support of Bintang Bolong Lodge through ecoclub. We had (and still have) a very successful season, which considerably exceeded our expectations. This is mainly due to the promotion and the increasing awareness level in the internet. ecoclub made a very big contribution to our success. Thanks again"
Sebastian Reinelt, Proprietor, Bintang Bolong Lodge, The Gambia, February 2007

"I had two fully funded PhD students come to Leeds Met as a result of the interview I did for ecoclub back in 2004, the most successful marketing channel I’ve had so far"
Xavier Font, International Centre for Responsible Tourism, Leeds Metropolitan University, February 2007

"I am continually fascinated by the level of ecotourism information on your site and find it a great resource to keep tabs on the global ecotourism movement."
Ian Wasson, Greenbox, November 2006

"What a blessing ecoclub has been for us this year. We have received so many inquiries thanks to your website and it's only the first month of our open season!"
Nicole Patel, Shaam-e-Sarhad, October 2006

"Take real trips, meet real people, make real friends...The Ecolodges listed at ECOCLUB set out to help guests do just that. Each Ecolodge listed follows tough environmental and community support guidelines."
Kate Crawford, Ciao! Travel with Attitude, October 2006

"I am an admirer of the important work that you have been doing with ecoclub. You are providing a great service to ecotourists and ecolodge fans, and thus also contributing to sustainable development and the conservation of the world's natural and cultural heritage. My sincere congratulations!!"
Arq. Héctor Ceballos-Lascurain, Director General, PICE, September 2006

"The partnership with ecoclub has significantly enhanced the Adventures in Travel Expo particularly from a visitor-attraction perspective, contributing at an international level by its recognition as a leader in the movement for better tourism and for environmental, social and economic justice. ecoclub involvement has allowed the Expo to reach a greater global audience..."
Adventures in Travel Expo - Sydney, 13 September 2006

"The best part of making the adobes was seeing how the ecoclub Award moneys have immediately given paid work to our local community"
Andres Hammerman & Michelle Kirby, Black Sheep Inn, 31 August, 2006

"ecoclub is doing very well and generating more bookings for us. Thank you! This is the best month we ever had in our history"
Lars Sorensen, Tree Tops Jungle Lodge, August 2006

"A vacationer looking to spend time and money in an environmentally conscious manner might run across names such as ... ecoclub"
Dan Oko, CNN.com, July 7, 2006

"Thank you so much for all your help with our advert for a field biologist we have been overwhelmed by the response" - Marti Everett, Head Keeper, Amigos de las Aves, Costa Rica", March 2006
"ecoclub - monthly publication is free online to members and is a very useful resource"

GCE in Travel & Tourism , Syllabus & Tutors Handbooks, Oxford, Cambridge & RSA Examinations, 2005, p.132
"ecoclub a network providing a wealth of information about all aspects of ecotourism"

"The Good Web site Guide 2006, The completely revised, best-selling guide", by Graham Edmonds, HarperCollinsPublishers, London 2005: p.137 & p.480.
"It is my pleasure to support your efforts. I've been a fan of ecoclub for quite a while as I've had many operators and lodge owners make mention of your marketing successes on their behalf"

Keith W. Sproule, Ecotourism Advisor, TIMD, Supreme Commission for Tourism, Saudi Arabia, November 2005
"I just want to let you know I have booked a stay at 3 Rivers in Dominica. We don't go until February. The booking process was very easy and Jem was very helpful. This will be the third ecoclub lodge we will have stayed at. The first two, Spring House Farm in NC and Sonrise Resort in Jamaica were wonderful so I know 3 Rivers will be, too. Thank you for your great work!
Karen Jordan, long-time  ecoclub Member, Columbia, TN, USA, October 2005

"I have been a Member of ecoclub for a year now and find it be a very good trade association for people working in the sustainable tourism industry. Your efforts to share information on what is going on around the world in this quickly changing field are very much appreciated."
Carol Patterson, Kalahari Management Inc, June 2005

"Greece-based ECOCLUB's general aim is to work steering the tourism industry in a more ecological, democratic and equitable direction, focusing on support that is receptive to ecological tourism principles, rather than antagonising those that are not receptive to these ideas and concepts. The network attempts to fit all of its actions into a framework for bettering tourism, in which the industry tries to minimise its own environmental impact, supports environmental conservation and local projects, increases environmental and cultural knowledge, involves local people as equal partners, and is available to less-affluent hosts and guests. The network's platform combines elements of e-government, e-learning, environmental governance, participatory democracy and international cooperation."
Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, Guide to best Practices in Tourism & Destination Management, May 2005

"Thank you for all the efforts you make. We are proud to be part of ecoclub."
Kurt Schmack, La Laguna del Lagarto Lodge, Costa Rica, May 2005

"The final award was the Responsible Tourism Site Award, sponsored by Worldspan and this year won by ecoclub S.A. The judges said the winner stood out for its straightforward approach, engendering sense of community and display of ecological intent."
TravelMole.com, UK, April 2005

"Congratulations again for your beautiful, most interesting, easy to navigate filled with useful information website."
Vassilis Kouroutos, Executive Director, MEDASSET, Greece, November 2004

"Thanks to ecoclub, and your featuring my profile, I have been asked to join a team looking at ecotourism in Panama. With this, I have become a USAID registered consultant, and am available to communities in countries that USAID has ecotourism projects, without having to charge the communities for my help."
Douglas B. Trent, Focus Tours & Focus Conservation Fund, April 2004

" Without initiatives like ecoclub life was more difficult for most lodges since most of them are remote whereby daily access to the outside world is a comfort many people take for granted !"
Jacques van Egeraat, Amazonat Jungle Lodge, Brasil, February 2004

"Based in Greece, this web site spotlights eco-lodges and activists around the globe. Features, news services, and real-time chats are first-rate.
Transitions Abroad, 2003

"I have pleasure in sharing with you our success in Ranweli Holiday Village, being selected as a Highly Commended Project (Runners up) in the Environmental Experience Category of the British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2003. I take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance without which our success would not have been possible." 
Chandra de Silva, Founder & Director Ranweli Holiday Village & President, Ecotourism Society of Sri Lanka, November 2003.

"Congratulations for this excellent work you do through ecoclub. It is based on solid views and ideas!"
Eleni Svoronou, WWF Greece, October 2000

"The ecoclub is a very interesting international community, basically dealing with Ecotourism. It is an information network of this sector, which is not just academic but also very practical and experimentative."
Professor Ulhas Rane, Architect & Tourism Planner, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, May 2003

"We are very glad to be members of such important, exclusive and supporting club. Eco Hotel Uxlabil-Atitlán has been growing through the long way with all your support and interest"
Francisco Sandoval, Ecohotel Uxlabil-Atitlan, March 2003

"[ecoclub]...helped circulate information that was more accessible to the interested stakeholders and public, than the official websites"
Pam Wight, Consultant, Rapporteur to the World Ecotourism Summit, December 2002

 Honorary Lifetime Members

In December 2006 we honoured with honorary lifetime memberships the following six personalities who had significantly advanced the philosophy and practice of Ecotourism through their work (listed in alphabetical order):

Hector CeballosHector Ceballos-Lascuráin (Mexico):
Leading Eco Architect and ‘inventor’ of the term Ecotourism in 1983. Héctor Ceballos-Lascuráin also provided the definition of Ecotourism officially adopted by IUCN (The World Conservation Union) in 1996. Hector has worked both in the public & private sectors as architect and consultant.
Louis D'AmoreLouis D’Amore (United States):
Founder and President of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT). A pioneer in social & environmental ethic within the tourism industry since the mid-70s., he founded IIPT in 1986, with the aim of turning Tourism into the world’s first "Global Peace Industry"
Megan Epler WoodMegan Epler Wood (United States):
Founder and former President of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), the world’s oldest ecotourism association, played the major role in making Ecotourism an organised force. A leading consultant, spokesperson, lecturer¸ and trainer for governments, NGOs, and the private sector around the world.
Ron MaderRon Mader (United States): 
Internet pioneer in Ecotourism as the founder of Planeta.com, formerly based in Oaxaca, Mexico. Ron is a much-needed voice of conscience in Ecotourism. He is also an influential tourism journalist and guidebook writer and a role model for US/Mexico relations.
Trevor SofieldTrevor Sofield (Australia): 
A Homo Universalis of Sustainable Tourism, professor, a senior diplomat, editor, leading consultant, entrepreneur, Trevor has done it all and excelled at all. He is currently Team Leader for the Mekong Tourism Development Program, Cambodia and Vietnam and a Professor at the University of Tasmania. 
Pamela WightPamela A. Wight (Canada): 
Led the organisation and management of the United Nations International Year of Ecotourism and was also responsible for drafting the world’s first (Quebec) Declaration on Ecotourism as a Rapporteur. A former advisor to the Canadian government and a leading tourism consultant for numerous ecotourism projects worldwide.