Ulcumano Ecolodge accepted as an Ecoclub Ecolodge™Ulcumano Ecolodge accepted as an Ecoclub Ecolodge™Athens, Greece - 2 April 2019: Ulcumano Ecolodge of Peru (Web: http://www.ulcumanoecolodge.com) has just been accepted as an Ecoclub Ecolodge™ following a transparent online audit procedure. Ulcumano has thus become the first Ecoclub Ecolodge in Peru and one of just 24 worldwide. Reacting to the good news the founder and proprietor of Ulcumano Ecolodge, Mr Eduardo De la cadena commented "We are really proud and happy for this! It took us 8 years to have everything in place to be able to receive a recognition like this one from Ecoclub. The project originated in my forestry engineer degree thesis and was influenced by the international ecotourism guidelines. Our team will keep on working for cloud forest conservation through Ulcumano, a life and living project, and this recognition will be very helpful!"

Located in the Oxapampa Ashaninka Yanesha Biosphere Reserva, Ulcumano's cabins lie concealed between the mist and the dense green cover of the Andean cloud forests. They are surrounded by impressive views, water streams and a remarkable biodiversity of flora and fauna including 157 bird species of which 8 are endemic to Peru. The lodge is 10 km from the town of Oxapampa, in La Suiza, Chontabamba district. The area is well known for its unique and diverse natural and cultural landscape, crafted first by the Yanesha indigenous people, and later by German, Austrian and Andean immigrants.

Ulcumano's Ecoclub Ecolodge Audit Report can be found at https://ecoclub.com/ecolodges/audit-reports/ulcumano

More information on the Ecolodge can be found at http://www.ulcumanoecolodge.com/

The Ecoclub Ecolodge™ Ecolabel is an innovative, affordable and transparent certification offered to eligible, eco-friendly, accommodation facilities that successfully complete the Ecoclub Ecolodge™ Audit process. For more details please visit http://ecoclub.com/join/ecolodge