Covid rebels or Covidiots?

Virus rebels from France to Florida flout lockdown practices

PARIS (AP) — Young German adults hold “corona parties" and cough toward older people. A Spanish man leashes a goat to go for a walk…

If we destroy habitats, we destroy ourselves!…

We are creating conditions for diseases like COVID-19 to emerge | Ensia

As humans disrupt ecosystems around the world, the new coronavirus outbreak may be just the beginning of mass pandemics

'Wild' meat is the most likely cause of the pandemic. To eliminate wild meat sale and consumption, policing is not enough, cheap alternatives must be provided to poor consumers along with education about the dangers involved.…

Coronavirus and the ‘Pangolin Effect’: Increased exposure to wildlife poses health, biosafety and global security risks

As the coronavirus continues to spread, the promotion of environmental health as a key element of our own health, and of activities that severely limit…

Once the Coronavirus madness is over, the surviving airlines should speed up their adoption of electric aviation. The Climate Crisis and Virus Crises are probably connected.

Tech Insider

How electric planes could change the future of air travel

Demonstration “Save the Estonian Forests!”

Vabaduse Platz, Tallinn, 21 March 2020

Sustainable Travel Ireland, formerly Ecotourism Ireland, is now officially recognised by GSTC.

Sustainable Travel Ireland Adopts the GSTC Industry Criteria

Sustainable Travel Ireland has formally adopted the GSTC Industry Criteria to be used in Ireland by accommodations and tour operators.

Nigel Thornton: "We wanted something different from a run-of-the-mill or traditional building...we wanted to make a minimum impact on the environment and to create a more sustainable lifestyle, a business that would be small enough to be run entirely by two people but big enough to be able to live a simple life but a good life"…

Interview: Nigel Thornton, Proprietor, Mas del Bot Hotel, Spain

Ecoclub Interview with Nigel Thornton, Proprietor of Mas del Bot, a green hotel in Arragon, Spain

“A true Ecolodge is a business that puts environmental values into practice on various levels and at the same time allows its owners to make a reasonable living.” - Arif Qureshi. Read the latest in our Eco-Luminaries series!…

Interview: Arif Qureshi, Proprietor, L'Orri de Planès Trailside Ecolodge, France

Ecoclub Interview with Arif Qureshi, Proprietor of L'Orri de Planès Trailside Ecolodge, France

No pasarán! Enemies of human progress, conservation and sustainable tourism are fewer and weaker than us!…

Autopsy suggests butterfly conservationist's death no accident

The monarch butterfly conservationist Homero Gómez suffered head trauma before he drowned, Michoacán authorities said on Thursday.