Lynxes have been successfully reintroduced into forests in Germany, Croatia and Slovenia, while Iberian lynx numbers are slowly recovering.

The LIFE Programme reintroduces lynxes to our forests, enriching Europe's Biodiversity

In medieval times, the lynx was widespread across all European forests. After being at dire risk of extinction, the two species found in the EU…

Every tool, can be lethal or wonderful depending on who is using it and for what purposes. Virtual travel is one of the best uses of drones, giving us a majestic first person view of wilderness, in this case, Iceland.

ICELAND Epic Landscapes from Above | Cinematic FPV

Built by fiery volcanoes and sculpted by ice and water, Iceland's landscapes are easily some of the most breathtaking on the planet. This is a compilation of...

The UNWTO-G20 Dashboard includes over 20 case studies and will be updated on a regular basis during 2023.

UNWTO and G20 Launch Dashboard to Support Tourism in Advancing the SDGs

UNWTO and India’s G20 Presidency, have joined hands to launch a new tool to advance the contribution of tourism policies and initiatives towards the Sustainable…

Iceland's last commercial whaler has resumed the killing of endangered fin whales even claiming that this is helping combat climate change! EIA has produced a report to debunk this absurdity. is pleased to announce the successful completion of the Ecoclub Ecolodge™ Audit for Pousada Serra Verde in Brazil. The audit was conducted remotely during the summer of 2023 and involved the examination of textual, photographic and video evidence provided by the proprietors. Our team is satisfied that Pousada Serra Verde, first audited and accepted as an Ecoclub Ecolodge™ in June... Show more

Petition to get glyphosate banned in Europe! It is ex-Monsanto's (now Bayer's) toxic pesticide that kills bees and the EU is considering approving it for another 15 years!

Ban toxic glyphosate now!

Another 15 years of glyphosate?! Sign now to stop Bayer-Monsanto!

In the aftermath of a lethal stabbing of a local by visiting fascist hooligans in Athens, it is clear that we need EU-wide level action & coordination and effective travel bans on organised fascist football hooligans!…

UEFA statement on AEK Athens FC vs GNK Dinamo match | Inside UEFA |

The match planned to be played tonight in Athens has been postponed.

Thank you for this post Shams. How many travellers hike to this summit each year? Are there measures to minimize their impact?

Should there be an advertising ban on flights, as on tobacco? Read the article below and vote in our poll!

Planes on the brain

'Ministry' says follow scientific advice and stop advertising the fastest way to fry the planet as peak heat meets peak holiday flights.

Latest in our Eco Luminaries™ series: Jelka Tepšić, Deputy Mayor of Dubrovnik, Croatia…

Latest in our Eco Luminaries™ series: Jelka Tepšić, Deputy Mayor of Dubrovnik, Croatia