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Shaping Climate Narratives to Instigate the Green Transition

"No one ever does anything with sustained enthusiasm unless he benefits thereby – rewardproportionally."    Chinese PhilosophyShaping or creating climate narratives that speak to the majority requires few fundamental steps and understanding of mechanisms that motivate people into action. D. Goleman writes in Emotional Intelligence that "S...

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Crete, Greece: CCS 5-Day Seminars on Biodiversity and Gastronomy

Crete, Greece: Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries Educational Network. 5-Day Seminars on Biodiversity and Gastronomy. Dates: June 5-10, 2023 or September 18-23, 2023. An experiential learning program with expert presentations at historic sites, nature reserves, and visits with award-winning organic farmers, heirloom seed savers, olive oil producers and v...

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Concise and exciting - the Piraeus Archaeological Museum

230101-1 Artemis

While you are waiting for your ship to go to the islands, do not miss the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, a short 10-minute walk away. It is right next to the ancient theatre of the city, which also serves as the museum courtyard. Piraeus, featuring three safe, deepwater ports, was originally a rocky island (etymology anc. Pireefs ...

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National Intitute of Folk & Traditional Heritage (NIFTH), Islamabad, Pakistan

National Intitute of Folk & Traditional Heritage (NIFTH), Islamabad, Pakistan

NIFTH's mandate is to promote cultural heritage and augment its role in economic reforms, investment, industry, education, literature, poverty alleviation, human rights, and human development.

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Flights are NOT Tourism's & Hospitality's Fault

ilya-cher-XdOvAFE4_RY-unsplash Cargo being loaded onto Planes. Photo by Ilya Cher on Unsplash

Tired of reading the same nonsense, people blaming flights on Tourism alone. Planes would keep flying even with half the passengers. They carry precious goods, the majority of income for airlines is cargo. Planes belong to the Transport sector, which, yes, needs to become green, and quickly, but it is not Tourism & Hospitality's fault that it d...

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Athens' Natural Skyscraper

221128-acropolis Acropolis view from Mt. Lycabettus

Unlike most other metropoles Athens has so far resisted skyscrapers, the idea being not to block one of the best views in the world, especially if you are fond of direct democracy, the Parthenon. (The military dictatorship (1967-74) that was not particularly fond, did allow two tallish buildings!). In this spirit, a court l...

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How you can avoid greenwashing and design authentic sustainability

Debunking some of today's eco and social enterprise myths coming from the corporate, technocratic and academic spheres, slowing down climate change action   In my recent dealings with corporate people I got exposed to and experienced what I named; 'ecosplaining.' I also frequently come across this on social media when reading posts and article...

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The Role of Awe in Ecolodges

 The term ecolodge for the purpose of this blog, encompasses the ecolodge and its site. The site includes local features of possible interest such as a beach, waterfall or vista. It also includes built features of the ecolodge such as accommodation, restaurants, pathways, seating, and elements such as pools, games courts, and landscaping. Rese...

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"Evolve or Perish", true for your Zoo too!


Zoo, noun: (a) facility which incarcerates and exploits wild animals for private profit while pretending to save them from extinction (b) a crowded place where people behave in a disorganized or uncontrolled manner. Recently I came across a PR announcement from a well known Zoo which was celebrating a "Gold" certification from a prestigio...

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Awe in Ecolodges

Hello fellow Ecoclubbers, This is my first post on this site and I have already put up a basic bio in my profile so I won't go on about myself, unless you have questions.  I am very interested in improving the ecolodge experience and have enrolled in a Higher Degree by Research (Masters/PhD) program to research this subject at t...

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