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Golden Ethics

Under the globally prevailing socioeconomic order, nearly everyone and everything can be bought at a price (even though everything connected to the environment, human rights and such nuisances peculiarly remains an externality). In this wonderful system, a few zeros can make all the difference between drowning and being pampered like a prince. For $5,000, you risk drowning, or at least being beaten, robbed and pushed-back. Add two extra zeros and you can order a royal treatment (Golden Visa) online. “Abominable”, “people trafficking” can be a perfectly legal, state, enterprise. It is just a matter of the right price and the right laws, and men in black, that will also determine the price differential between the legal and illegal options. If you cannot see anything wrong with this state of affairs, and you consider it as “business as usual”, your politics are solid and your ethics are golden. Congratulations, you are all set for entering EU right-wing politics, an illustrious career lies ahead, just remember to maintain plausible deniability (your orders are misinterpreted), a pseudo-modest lifestyle, and your patriotism aka the last refuge of the scoundrel.
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