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Global Tourism Plastics Initiative: 2022 Annual Progress Report

Following a pilot reporting exercise conducted in 2021, this is the first annual report of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative (GTPI). The report summarises the progress made by GTPI signatories in implementing their commitments throughout 2021.  The Global Tourism Plastics Initiatives goal is to unite the tourism sector behind a ...

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Discover the Enchanting Beauty of Northern Pakistan

Kumrat, located in the Upper Dir district of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, is a relatively newly explored destination. This fascinating landscape is known for its lush green meadows, towering pine forests, ancient birch trees, vibrant variety of flowers, diverse wildlife, streams and laked. Surrounded by majestic snow-peaked mountains and glacie...

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Benin Republic: A Hidden Gem for Adventure & Nature Lovers

Set on the coast of West Africa, Benin Republic is an unexplored paradise waiting to be discovered. From magnificent natural settings to a wide variety of other attractions, this wondrous nation, with its rich historical and cultural treasures and stunning scenery, promises a memorable experience for every traveler. Cotonou, the country's thriving ...

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The most advanced Greening Template for Regeneration (part 2)

" /> Green action spaces setting the right scene for the green renewal "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." Benjamin Franklin Regeneration has now established itself in our sustainability language but this is where a climate/environmental thinking paradigm at governmental levels in Europe is today. Lots of tactics without a strategy....

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The most advanced Greening Template for Regeneration (part 1)

Green action spaces setting the right scene for the green renewal " /> "Desperate times call for desperate measures"     Hippocrates Countrywide greening templates for regeneration - a more intelligent way of addressing the current crises Many social pressures that we experience today fuel an often flawed political stance and tend to...

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Communalism and Tourism

Murray Bookchin Murray Bookchin

Murray Bookchin, the great eco visionary and activist set out to develop "Communalism" as a new, coherent, ideology in his last decade, by combining the best elements of (and his experience and knowledge of) all ideologies that he had been previously attracted to: Marxism-Leninism, Libertarian-Socialism, Anarchism and Libertarian Municipalism, and as an evolution of Social Ecology, which was also his creation.  Communalism rejects capitalism, statism, nationalism and all other forms of domination and oppression. It describes a stateless, non-hierarchical, decentralized, ecological, and democratic society based on the principles of social ecology and libertarian municipalism. As an alternative to the state, it proposes voluntary confederations of municipalities that cooperate and coordinate on regional and global issues, while respecting the autonomy and diversity of each municipality. Communalism also advocates the abolition of economic inequality with an economy that meets the needs of all people and respects nature. You can read more on Communalism and Social Ecology directly from Bookchin at  Clearly, Communalism is an appealing vision, a sort of Communism-without-Tears-meets-an-Ecology-with-Teeth, but can we get there and how?   Bookchin theorized that both organizational and educational parametres are needed to get to Communalism, hopefully peacefully: Local communities need to be empowered through popular assemblies where citizens...

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Lifestyle Centres – a Catalyst for effective Green Transition

" /> How we can optimise circular economy with people power Lifestyle (action) centres to focus our green transition efforts  To make the green transition work in practice, we first need to make sense of logic bubbles that are holding us back from making congruent systemic changes. Some of the questions that frame our times are: how do we buil...

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The Allure of Shandur Polo Festival


Shandur (3,700 m) is where the three mountain ranges - Hindukush, Himalaya, and Karakoram - meet. The region has historic importance with beautiful landscape, flora and fauna. It is the highest polo ground on earth, where the contest of the rugged free-style polo, takes place between the team of Chitral and Gilgit from July 7 to 9 every year, ...

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Going to THE Theatre

The stage, Dionysus Theatre, Athens

Going to the theatre is always a pleasure. Going to the "world's first theatre" is a pilgrimage. The Theatre of Dionysus in Athens (Map), is the place where Greek Theatre was born both as an art and an architectural form. The classical Greek comedies and tragedies of the late 5th century were written and produced with this speci...

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Colors of Spring in the Mountains of Pakistan

It is spring early spring in the mountains, where the willow trees have sprouted new leaves. The gentle breeze carries a pleasant atmosphere throughout the settlement. During this time of year, young girls in the area prepare their flutes by stripping the branches of willow and playing them while tending to herds of cattle on the grassy pastures. T...

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