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The most advanced Greening Template for Regeneration (part 1)

Green action spaces setting the right scene for the green renewal

The Amazon Rainforest fires in 2019

"Desperate times call for desperate measures"     Hippocrates

Countrywide greening templates for regeneration - a more intelligent way of addressing the current crises

Many social pressures that we experience today fuel an often flawed political stance and tend to inform policies towards right-wing bias. Politics that polarise populations are ultimately delaying our chances of moving on the issue democratically and with the necessary urgency. This has been true of all previous attempts to address environmental and climatic degradation undertaken by governments to date. Decades lost due to the fossil fuel industry's 40 years of destructive climate change denial are a significant factor. They have dulled governmental action against what scientists say is now a full-fledged climate emergency. Furthermore, this blunted public awareness and turned off many people of thinking and acting upon these findings.

Mass media has played a critical role in co-creating confusion by broadcasting unverified or plainly wrong claims regarding the health of our planet, giving more airwave time to climate change deniers than proponents. The glossing over the ravages of the agro-industrial complex backed by the financial sector has only added to the problem. In all, our out-of-control consumerism has co-opted us in the system that has been consistently undermining the ecological and thus socio-economic balance and keeping us in a vicious cycle. Today, many feel that we need a different, more conscious circularity to break our own circle of destruction to start community led regeneration of our societies and the planet.

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The innovation presented here is the work of the Earthvoice editor Kinga Monica. She is available for consulting on practical instigation of the concept, sustainability and ecotourism consulting, internationally.

To read more on this topic and the solutions that have helped shift some gears of the climate change action and greening templates for cities to date, you can follow me on Medium. And dear reader, please help me expand by sharing and talking about this widely.

The most advanced Greening Template for Regenerati...
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