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Year 6 - Issue 63

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"The Solar One"

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Across Down
2 when the sun reaches its highest point in its daily arc (9)
4 Electrical utility distribution network. (4)
6 Thin sheet of crystalline semiconductor material (5)
8 Short for photovoltaics (2)
13 System connected to the grid (4-4)
15 A house that utilises part of the building as a solar collector (12)
16 A PV System that operates without any other energy generating source. (10)
17 A form of rechargable battery, having higher storage densities than that of lead-acid batteries, (5)
18 The ratio of the electrical energy produced by a photovoltaic cell to the energy from sunlight falling upon it (10)
1 Two or more photovoltaics (5)
3 3,413 BTU (11)
5 The unit for the electric current (6)
7 Power consumed multiplied by the duration of use (6)
9 Unit of measurement for the electrical `pressure' of electricity (7)
10 A layer of semiconductor material, a few microns or less in thickness, used to make photovoltaic cells (4,4)
11 A solar PV array or module that responds to both direct and diffuse sunlight. (9)
12 Local overheating or melting of the cells (7)
14 Tracking that results in maximum power capture (8)

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