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Year 6 - Issue 71

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Burkard Herbote - Mr Tourism Information

Club News
ECOCLUB exhibits at ECOLIFE 2005 Fair in Athens, 3-6 June, 2005

Eco Focus
Ecotourism in Kerala: The lessons from Eco-Development Project in Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala, India

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Editorial: Ecotourism begins at home

The internet, this latest heir of remote communications (which date back to pigeons and fires on mountain tops), is a wonderful medium, but people, still appreciate face to face contact, for leisure and business alike, probably for evolutionary reasons. You need to see the other person in the eye to get a better understanding of what they are really thinking, and evaluate their body language. (the same reason why business meetings and conferences are still held). And this is what we did at the recent Ecolife Fair in Athens, June 3 to June 6: we looked 1,500 people in the eye and talked to their ears, to observe if what we call genuine ecotourism really got past their perceptory organs. For good measure, non-electronic, organic cookies were also at hand, as well as eco pictures, with interpretation, from ECOCLUB Ecolodges worldwide, to stimulate their other senses. As a final test for the brave (and enlightened) visitors of our stand, a questionnaire on the problems of tourism and the environment in Greece, was also provided. Overall, the exercise was very encouraging both for ECOCLUB, and for the future of genuine Ecotourism in our hometown Athens, and our country.

And back to the internet, our more familiar playing field: for the second year, we are holding the Ecolodge Awards, this time with 9 worthy projects, proposed by our Ecolodge Members, which you may review in detail at the All our on-line readers are invited to comment, but our Members are also invited to cast their vote for the best two projects, by using the form. And everyone is welcome on Friday July 1, at 15:00 GMT, at the Live Chat Centre, for the live announcement of the two winners.

Antonis B. Petropoulos


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Copyright © 1999-2005 ECOCLUB S.A. All rights reserved.


Copyright © 1999-2005 ECOCLUB S.A. All Rights Reserved.