• Ecotourism Interests

  • Current Location
    City of Larissa
  • My Connection with Ecotourism
    Firstly, Im an ecotourist myself. I combined my love for the nature and responsible tourism with my desire to show off my region, by organising tour packages and guiding people with interests in Greek countryside, greek cuisine, greek culture.
  • I am seeking
    People who are eager to share their knowledge/experiences, like I do. Also, Im promoting my eco-tour packages to Thessalia Region, Greece
  • I am offering
    Anything i can
  • Favourite Eco Destination
    Apart from Greece? Mmmmm let me think, yeah ok, takachiko gorge in Japan
  • Other Interests
    Watching football. Love my local football team, named ΑΕΛ.
  • Qualifications
    Certificate on E-Tourism, National University of Athens 2015
  • Education

  • Languages spoken
    Modern Greek, English, French
  • Contact Information

  • Hometown
  • Skype
  • Land phone