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    I am a recent graduate in tourism management seeking a fulfilling role where I can use gathered knowledge and experience from the last few years of work and education. I have an experience in customer service, retail and restaurants, hospitality, administration. I would be happy to get involved in a tourism projects, am able to work anywhere in the world. I am well organised, attentive to details and able to adapt to any environment and surroundings due to living and travelling in different countries.
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    East Sussex
  • Country
    United Kingdom
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    Travel & tourism, yoga, healthy lifestyle, naturopathy, crafts
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    Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Management
    Yoga teacher certificate
    Hospitality Diploma
  • Languages spoken
    Polish (fluent)
    English (fluent)
    Spanish (intermediate)
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    Eco-tourism, tourism projects, sustainability, community based tourism, yoga teaching, eco-resort, spa, reception, management
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    Customer service
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    Yoga teaching, teaching, administration, tourism projects