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Solar-powered tropical hideaway in the relaxed, natural setting of a Kandyan forest garden, operated by Nihal & Nel, a Sri Lankan-Dutch couple. The land and the produce grown on the land is certified organic by Skal-holland. Nihal has over nine years experience as a tour leader while Nel, knows the best local hiking routes, for all levels of ability.

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TreeTops Jungle LodgeTree Tops Jungle Lodge
Experience a real jungle in the forgotten valley of Weliara, with a team of native, local trackers and naturalists. Stay in the simple tree and mud huts discretely blending with the bush, virgin forest and wildlife, next to Yala National Park.
Ranweli Holiday VillageRanweli Holiday Village
Eco-friendly village-style resort located on a 22-acre peninsula, originally a coconut plantation,  surrounded by mangrove forest and winding rivers, 18 km from Colombo’s International Airport. A bird-friendly hotel, Ranweli has a wealth of bird species for novices and keen birders alike. The 72 individual bungalow-type accommodation, offering privacy in a tropical setting with sea and/or river views, was constructed with local materials and minimum removal of coconut trees and resembles a typical Sri Lankan village. An Ayurvedic Centre offers health treatments with medicinal herbs. Also available are a number of cultural trips further afield in which you could also participate.
Eco Team Sri LankaEco Team Sri Lanka
Award-winning tour operator offering nature and adventure tours in 24 locations around Sri Lanka including trekking, caving, mountain biking, hot air Ballooning, camping, photography and filming missions. Established in 1998 they provide services to over 140 national and international tour companies.
Nomadic ResortsNomadic Resorts
A tourism accommodation design and consultancy cooperative specialising in off-grid pods and other innovative architectural approaches enabling extraordinary guest experiences in unusual locations using sustainable technologies. Projects have included treetop dining concepts, floating villas and underground suites.
Ecowave TravelsEcowave Travels
Tour operator specialising in community-based tours and agro-eco-tourism. Visit rural villages, learn about eco-friendly agriculture, have a meal with a local family. Ecowave Travels is a part of Ecowave Guarantee, a social benefit organization which provides market opportunities to small-scale farmers.
Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation (SLEF)Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation (SLEF)
Led by Dr Palitha Gurusinghe, this non-profit organization has pioneered ecotourism research, consultancy, planning, training and promotion in Sri Lanka, since 1998. SLEF also organises ecotours and voluntourism projects with a community focus.
WanakasetWanakaset Sri Lanka
Lodging and Forestry project located in the sacred rainforest of Kitulgala on the banks of Kilani River, near magnificent tea plantations and astonishing highlands. The objective of Wanakaset is to generate an ecologically balanced environment with the greatest possible varieties of trees, plants, animals, micro-organisms and human activities that are harmonious in nature.
ECOCLUB Interviews
Chandra De SilvaChandra De Silva
The Late President of the Ecotourism Society of Sri Lanka