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 Caribbean Community Based Tourism (CBT) Toolkit

Caribbean Community Based Tourism (CBT) Toolkit

Caribbean Community Based Tourism (CBT) Toolkit. (English). Barbados.  Interamerican Development Bank, Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility.

Prepared by Judy Karwacki, Small Planet Consulting, and Euromonitor. 2019.

The Compete Caribbean Partnership Facility (CCPF), a multi-donor funded facility that is administered by the IDB, in collaboration with the Caribbean Tourism Organization have prepared a Caribbean Community Based Tourism (CBT) toolkit. The aim is to provide practical tools to support clusters focused on the tourism and agrotourism niches. The toolkit includes a Community-Based Tourism Enterprise Handbook, a CBT Readiness Diagnostic Tool, a Tourism Assets Inventory and Community Profile Template, all of which cluster stakeholders can use to develop and/or enhance their tourism products and experiences. These tools were prepared by Judy Karwacki of Small Planet Consulting Inc., a long time Ecoclub member. The toolkit also includes primary market research study of US-based consumers, prepared by Euromonitor, which assesses the demand for innovative CBT products and services that can be offered in the Caribbean and visitor willingness to pay for these experiences.

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