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Tourism Dynamics: New perspectives and changing directions - New from Goodfellow Publishers

Tourism DynamicsTourism DynamicsISBN: 9781911635932 HBK; 9781911635949 eBook
DOI: 10.23912/9781911635932-4921

Tourism Dynamics: New perspectives and changing directions provides theoretical and practical insights with a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach to the study of tourism and emerging topics that will change the future of the industry, either positively or negatively. It offers a platform for critical discussion and examines emergent controversies within the tourism industry including the growth of alternative business models (e.g. sharing economy business models), travel in light of climate change and human resource ethics given the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), data and algorithms.

With contributions from an international body of academic experts, each chapter highlights and critiques emerging insights and is underpinned with a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge.

Issues discussed include risk management awareness; well-being in tourism; the online purchasing process; volunteer tourism; destination resilience and competitiveness and much more.

Tourism Dynamics: New perspectives and changing directions is a must have volume for all tourism and hospitality students and educators, enabling students to enhance their critical thinking skills and educators to reflect on the influences of new directions on the industry.

About the editors: Nikolaos Pappas is Associate Professor in Tourism, Hospitality and Events in the Department of Hospitality, Events, Aviation and Tourism, University of Sunderland, UK. Anna Farmaki is Assistant Professor in Tourism Management Department of Hotel and Tourism Management, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus

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