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    Volunteer coordinator for social enterprise Ecoteer at Merapoh Community and Conservation Project, Malaysia
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    United Kingdom
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    South-east Asia, South America, Africa, Australia
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    I am keen seek out new interesting and fun projects in my free time. As an example I am currently working on compressing thin plastics and styrofoam into building blocks. Taking waste off the streets and using this in construction.

    I enjoy working in most environments; however in my free time it is important to be active as much as possible. I find surfing, cycling, and other physical activities to be a great way to unwind.
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    Ba Hons in Tourism and Geography
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    English (fluent), Portuguese (fluent), Spanish (intermediate), French (fair), Malay/Indonesian (Fair)
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    in developing a strong career in sustainable tourism consulting
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    Graduated with BaHons in Tourism Geography. I chose this as my vocation as I acknowledge the potential benefits of tourism and it’s increasingly important role in community development and empowerment. Conversely, I am fully aware of the detrimental history of tourism and understand that in many ways this industry still hinders social, local economic and environmental development.
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    An academic background on sustainable and eco-tourism combined with 2 years experience in coordinator and consultant roles in rural Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.
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