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Neoliberal geeks and the wretched state of labour rights, a revealing prank by the brilliant Yes Men:

Activists Troll Web Summit As Fake Marshmello Pushes Fake Coin

Activist group The Yes Men pulled a prank on the Web Summit attendees recently, aiming to evidence labor issues within big brands.

Climate denialism (President) hand in hand with denialism of junta crimes (Vice-president), tough times for Argentina -…

Ceasefire in Gaza: too good to last?…

What or who is behind the global steady and ugly rise of the far right?…

It's a good start but what would be even better than interconnected luxury train journeys, is interconnected AFFORDABLE train journeys and rail networks for everyone.

Railbookers Unveils Around-the-World Luxury Train Journey - AFAR

Railbookers just unveiled an itinerary that connects 7 iconic train rides, including the Maharajas’ Express, Rocky Mountaineer, and Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

Did anyone really believe that Capitalism would allow AI to be "for all humanity" and a non-profit?

AI: open or closed? – Michael Roberts Blog

The shock sacking of Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI, by his own board reveals the contradictions emerging in the development of ChatGPT and other…

Unpalatable pellets... If you are using pellets, please stop.

Vietnam clears native forest to supply 'clean' energy to Asia

Expansive deforestation in Central Vietnam is being driven by the global demand for wood pellets–a supposedly green alternative to fossil fuels Expansive deforestation in Central…

10 more years of highly toxic glyphosate, 10 more years of public health damage, 10 more years of capitalist profits in EU Agriculture.

Roger Water's hotel bookings in Buenos Aires and Montevideo were cancelled after "pressures" because of his opposition to the carnage in Gaza. Congratulations to the hotel chains involved, their names should be noted so as to avoid future booking cancellations.

Uranium extraction vs. indigenous people in Jharkhand, India:…

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