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Athens, Greece - 21 November 2017: “Hikers’ Friendly”, an ecolabel for hiker-friendly hotels, and Trekking Hellas, Greece's largest and oldest adventure tour operator, have signed a cooperation agreement. Their joint mission is to 'enhance the hiking experience through the upgrade of services in each destination' recognising that a great hiking experience starts with great hospitality!

Trekking Hellas has thus become the 1st “Hikers’ Friendly Ambassador”. Following new trends in the tourism industry and the needs of the modern hiker for specialised accommodation, Trekking Hellas Group undertakes to support the well-being of the hikers, the promotion of hiking activities and the development of responsible tourism in each destination.

In this context, the certified “Hikers’ Friendly Hotels” will be included in the programmes of Trekking Hellas, while the “Hikers’ Friendly” Certification will promote Trekking Hellas Group as the 1st “Hikers’ Friendly Ambassador”.

“Hikers’ Friendly” is a certification scheme for businesses that are specialised in providing tailored services and facilities to hikers. The certification is currently only available for accommodation facilities but it will be available very soon for other business types. It has been developed by the Social Co-operative Paths of Greece in collaboration with Green Evolution.

More information: https://www.hikersfriendly.com

About Trekking Hellas
Trekking Hellas is the first and largest outdoor tourism business in Greece. Since its founding in 1986, Trekking Hellas Group, providing a full range of services in the field of tourism and outdoor activities and covering the needs of its different customer markets (Greek businesses, Tour Operators Abroad, Individual Greek Foreign Travelers, Children and families), has been recognised as the company that offers innovative and quality services, making it the top of the site. Trekking Hellas Group currently consists of 12 autonomous companies and employs more than 100 people throughout Greece.

More information: https://www.trekking.gr

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