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Cape Winelands Continue to Grow as World-Class Eco-tourism Destination

191021-cape-winelands Cape Winelands, photo by Sebastian Nowozin

Ecotourism in the Cape Winelands of South Africa, in particular, is booming as an increasing number of visitors to the Western Cape Province want to explore the multitude of eco-friendly activities in the area. Apart from indulging in the freshest organic produce imaginable at a local farmers market or embarking on a full-moon hike through a lush green valley, visitors can also enjoy some of the best sustainable wines in the entire world.  Although you do not have to be a wine-lover in order to enjoy a day at one of the superb wineries in the region, enjoying a good glass of sustainable wine will definitely add an element of merriment to your very beneficial eco-tourism excursion.  

Sustainable wines are skyrocketing in popularity

Sustainable wines have been all the rage for some time and, thankfully there is no shortage of superb offerings in the Western Cape. These wine farms are not only aiding the environment and local communities through sustainable production and business practices but actively contributing towards ecotourism in the region as well. Apart from producing exquisite sustainable wines, they also offer visitors a range of eco-experiences such as farm tours, nature hikes, and educational talks to enjoy while encouraging locals and tourists alike to join hands and be of benefit to the region as a whole.

Winemakers with a conscious

Among the top-rated sustainable wine producers in the Longridge Wine Estate which is considered to be one of the leaders in organic and biodynamic winemaking in the entire country. Situated on the slopes of the majestic Helderberg mountain range, the Longridge Estate is also home to an award-winning restaurant that follows a strict farm-to-table philosophy where only fresh, locally produced ingredients are used in the kitchen. The Longridge sustainable wine range is also available on the estate as well as from reputable outlets across the country. All the wines in the range are of a notable quality although the Emily – a fresh Chardonnay Pinot Noir with fruity aromas- is the perfect accompaniment to a summery barbequed feast.

Countless sustainable options to choose from

Longridge may have a reputation for being one of the best wine farms in the region, but it is definitely bot the only one that deserves recognition for its sustainable practices. Like Longridge, the Avondale wine farm just outside of Paarl is known for its organic wine and sustainable farming practices. The farm is big on ecotourism and offers guests a variety of activities including an eco-wine safari, to participate in. Another big name on the local sustainability scene is Backsberg wines who, apart from producing carbon-neutral wines, also make use of lightweight bottles and have set 10% of their privately-owned land aside for the conservation of endangered Fynbos. 

Sustainable wine farms have become an important contributor to eco-tourism in South Africa and the rest of the world. It is important to remember that sustainable business practices such as winemaking not only benefits the environment but the community as a whole as well.

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