Greetings. Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries 2013 Seminar Calendar is up! Join us in Crete, Greece for a wide range of programs celebrating our cultural and natural heritage - including visits to archaeological sites, organic wineries and olive oil factories and tranquil villages.…

CCS Dinner Series in Crete: Ancient Grains and Modern Tastes

Ancient Grains and Modern Tastes Kritamon Restaurant, Archanes, Crete Tuesday, February 1, 2011 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm Presented by Chef-Proprietor Dimitris Mavrakis, Kritamon Restaurant Organic Vintner Evangelos Sinadinakis, Eltina Wines in collaboration with Nikki Rose of Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries A four-course dinner featuring fresh, local organic ingredients paired with organic wines. Full menu link 26 Euros per person Advance reservations required. Space is limited to 30 people. Contact Kritamon directly to make reservations Tel 2810 753092 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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CCS Accredited Seminar with University of Missouri

University of Missouri and Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries 10-Day Seminar Study Abroad in Greece: The Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle May 17 - 27, 2011 Students will study aspects of the Mediterranean diet through activities: visits to organic farms, markets and olive oil producers, food preparation demonstrations and classes. The program includes private tours of historic sites, botanical hikes, cultural activities and community-based tourism projects. Learning opportunities will be provided by MU Nutrition and Exercise Physiology faculty, Professional Chef-Instructor Nikki Rose and Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries Eco-Agritourism Network (8-days in Crete) and Antonia Trichopoulou, PhD, Mediterranean Diet researcher, University of Athens, (2-days in Athens). This program is also open to teachers and students of other educational institutions (based on availability). Limited to 20 participants. UM program details: Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries:

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Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries 2-Day Seminars

Greetings, Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries 2-Day Seminars Discover a taste of Crete's fascinating cultural and culinary heritage.  Enjoy private guided tours of ancient sites, historic villages, an organic winery and organic vegetable garden. Savor wonderful fresh and local cuisine along the way. This program is limited to 12 attendees, providing a unique opportunity to discover Crete's heritage in the company of resident specialists. Available Dates in 2011 (please contact us first to confirm space is still available): May 10 and 11 June 21 and 22 June 28 and 29 Details are on the Schedule Page of our website. Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries Eco-Agritourism Network www.

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CCS Historic Food and Wine Routes Seminar Highlights

  Greetings, A short slide show of Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries Historic Food and Wine Routes Seminar is up! Also, deadline for scholarships is December 1st. Information on our Schedule page. Best regards, Nikki

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Nikki Rose in Archaeological Institute of America Magazine

Nikki Rose in Archaeological Institute of America Magazine Interview: The Joy of Cretan Cooking November 9, 2010| by Eti Bonn-Muller Chef-instructor Nikki Rose talks about the importance of protecting Crete’s natural and cultural resources—and how “green” the Minoans really were. Note that CCS is not affiliated with or supported by any public or private agency in Greece or anywhere else. [Finally, some media outlets are not deleting my text about UN-sustainable issues in Crete!] Excerpt ...modern, conventional agriculture, using chemicals that are harmful to all living beings, was not practiced on Crete until the 20th century. Illegal, industrial over-fishing in Greece is a major problem, in addition to global water pollution. I don’t know how our small-scale fishers survive. In fact, many of them have given up fishing or fish just as a hobby now, which is unfortunate. Yet we still enjoy many ingredients just as our ancestors did, as...

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The Economist Debate: biotechnology and sustainable agriculture complimentary?

  The Economist is hosting a debate and welcoming the public to vote on whether or not they think biotechnology and sustainable agriculture are complimentary. [Suicide seeds. Starve the world. Any other great ideas from the biotech industry?]

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Last Call - Scholarships Available for CCS 2011 Seminars

  Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries is offering partial scholarships for professional researchers and college students for our May and June 2011 public seminars.  The schedule: Deadline to apply is December 1, 2010. Contact us for more information. Please use subject line:  Seminar Scholarships info[at]

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Conference Paper: Eco-Agritourism as a Means to Preserve Culture and the Environment

  Greetings Everyone, FYI, my paper submitted to various international conferences focusing on cultural-natural heritage, tourism, sociology, sustainable organic agriculture and traditional cuisine. To me, all of these topics are interrelated and comprise our work in Crete. As those of us actually working in the field of ecotourism/sustainable tourism already know, it's impossible for us to travel the globe to speak about our work at conferences. Time and money is a major barrier to get the word out about small-scale projects. The media is in the dark if they don't know our projects exist. And we are at the mercy of people that present case studies they have not personally implemented or even experienced. Usually those case studies are about very large-scale projects that are heavily funded. That leaves the majority of crucial and worthy projects out of the media loop and the traveler's radar. So this paper was one solution...

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Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries in The Green Connoisseur

  From The Green Connoisseur by Alice Julier, September 2010 "Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries is a unique, successful, and beautiful approach to sustainable tourism."'s_culinary_sanctuaries.html “Hotels don’t make a place special. The residents and natural beauty do,” says Nikki Rose, founder of Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries, an innovative program of sustainable agro-tourism that works to preserve the growing traditions, foods, and cultural practices of this wonderful Greek island. The pleasures of travel are deepened when tourists act responsibly as visitors to ecologically fragile landscapes. But while the overdevelopment of many popular travel destinations has created a host of eco-alternatives, true sustainability is only achieved when locals are provided with the means to preserve and enhance their cultures, as well as their natural resources. For many destinations, the only sound choice truly supports the land, it’s products, and the local economy. An expert in the field, chef and certified educator Rose has been working worldwide...

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Crete's Culinary Sanctuaries Seminar Celebrating Biodiversity

  May 2-8, 2011, Crete Greece A 6-day interactive educational program for enthusiasts of archaeology, nature, traditional organic agriculture and cuisine. Explore Crete's cultural and natural treasures with resident specialists. A great opportunity to support grassroots heritage preservation projects while learning. A small group program for 12 attendees. For more information:

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