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'What if?'

In December 2002 I headed into the Bolivian Yungas to visit the remote mountain town of Chulumani. One morning I sat drinking coffee looking out over the forested mountains, listening to Strauss and thinking...what if ???? Six months later my trip was over and I returned to work in England. 'What if...' remained with me, though as routine and everyday life took over it got pushed further and further to the back of my mind. In December 2017 we changed 'What if...' to 'Oh my God we're doing this!' We bought a disused pupunha plantation in the Brasilian Atlantic Rainforest and set about building our Pousada. Living the Dream isn't easy; very long days, few days off, battling the elements, the forest and wildlife whilst coming to terms with a different culture and language all have presented huge challenges over the last 16 months. However last Sunday I sat in the sun, drinking coffee, listening to Strauss in our Pousada in the Brasilian rainforest; no longer thinking 'What if...'    

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