• Professional Interests

  • Jobs/Opportunities sought:
    I'm into projects that are about reconnecting people with nature, holistic wellbeing and having a positive affect on community, locally and globally. I am interested in the following regions: Chile, Patagonia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Fiji, French Polynesia, Greece, Guatemala, Laos, Malta, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Thailand, Vietnam.

    Eco Freelance Support is a purposely small and tactical team assisting individuals, projects and communities focused on:

    ► Ecotourism, sustainable & responsible tourism
    ► Thematic experiences for nature education
    ► Voluntourism & experiential tourism
    ► Meditation, yoga retreats & venues
    ► Outdoor & survival skills training
    ► Holistic health training venues
    ► Wellbeing & wellness retreats
    ► Environmental conservation
    ► Back to nature experiences
    ► Spiritual retreat centres
    ► Wilderness adventures
    ► Spas & health resorts
    ► Nature retreats
  • Work Experience
    Working in the field of Ecotourism as both a venue and interpretive experience manager, and providing freelance consulting services.
  • Services Offered
    Eco Freelance Support helps solo, small & medium sized operators in alternative medicine, human consciousness, nature therapy, ecotourism & conservation achieve their goals, reach a wider audience and enhance their revenues.
    Supporting and promoting projects, individuals, groups and communities engaged in providing experiences and places to rediscover our affinity with nature.

    If you would like to collaborate or just have a chat, I'd love to hear from you!