Dear All,
Open invitation for members those who are willing for eco friendly hotel/villa project in Galle, Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the No. 1 destination for tourism. I have few lands which are very ideal for eco friendly hotel/villas in Galle, Sri Lanka. I am seeking a suitable partner to join with me for a eco friendly hotel/villa projects. Please contact me for more details.

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Dear Members,

Lands are available for JV projects in Galle, Sri Lanka. Please contact me for details.



Dirk Henker Hi, I didn't see any serious offer yet. 1 month ago
Panadure Galappaththige Gunarathna Yes, I am waiting for it. Thank you for the comment. 1 month ago
Happy World Tourism Day! Efforts for a greener tourism must accelerate, to create green, quality jobs, combat poverty and climate change, respect human rights, labour rights and animal rights, open borders, minds and hearts! Follow the live stream from the official celebrations in Budapest at
Magyar Turisztikai Ügynökség - Live from Budapest

Magyar Turisztikai Ügynökség - Live from Budapest… - two storied house with 57 perches land for sale Free Ads Sri Lanka

two storied house with 57 perches land near Hiriketiya surfing beach. Only 150 meters to the famous Hiriketiya surfing beach.

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Cultural tourism can address issues such as suicide and unemployment, but corporations seek to mine resource-rich areas.