This blog is the first time I have read any of your work and I couldn't read fast enough to hear your next thought. it is rare to be so completely in agreement with what you are reading. I am near the end of a PhD while crafting a completely off grid

Yes, awe has a dark side. An experience of strong fear or terror can illicit a state of cognitive confusion until the brain processes the situation. Both positive and negative awe have a similar effect on how the situation is processed to gain an und

Awe is usually visual but it is more a state of mind brought on by stimuli that can't be immediately processed. Awe is affected by the viewers own background, culture and previous experiences. What is awe for one maybe just a mild pleasant experience

Hi Antonis, Thank you for supporting the survey. It was interesting to hear your perspective on awe. It is thought to be the most complex of emotions and an intense personal experience. The survey hopes to tap into the many personal perspectives to