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A Green Dream for All

Hearing the news about China’s newfound emphasis on ecological civilisation, and noting the growing movement for a Green New Deal in the US it dawned on me that political ecology can be the humanising influence on all the four distinct, and largely successful, political & socioeconomic models: the American, the European, the Chinese and, lest we forget, the Cuban model. Green principles can help all these models converge into one: rather than an American or a "Chinese Dream" let us have a Green Dream! This would contribute to a permanent Détente and international cooperation under the aegis of the United Nations (much maligned but still humanity’s greatest achievement) so as to eradicate poverty and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Political ecology, with its emphasis on human rights, social justice, sustainability and internationalism/anti-chauvinism/anti-racism can keep these models away from their extreme versions - all these models had or can have extreme, authoritarian versions (as does the green movement by the way). Thus the green movement should not be seen (feared or hoped) as a sort of new green Comintern, with green orthodoxy, green speak etc, but simply as common sense, a new enlightenment, whereby ordinary citizens and decision-makers alike realise that there are more solutions than problems and that it is in everyone’s interest to choose the most peaceful, civilised (socially, economically & environmentally sustainable) option. Thus, green activists and advocates, rather than exclusively focusing on nurturing currently small green parties (and often becoming disillusioned in the process when they make too many compromises to enter coalition governments as junior partners) will hopefully realise that it is equally important, to make all parties and all citizens greener, and fast - the time for ecocatastrophe is running out. The success of green causes is far more important than the success of "pure" green parties. Coalitions are fine as long as green ideas and proposals are not silenced or diluted. Equally, Ecology belongs to all people, not just to the "Greens", there is no priesthood, no defining work like the Bible or "Das Kapital", no one holds the copyright (greens are traditionally opposed to copyrights), so everyone can and should have a say on how it is theoretically and practically defined as the world changes. There are 7.5 billion human opinions on this planet (and many billion non-human ones - which is another question - how could they ever be voiced or represented) so nothing is fixed, all is flux and all is for all.

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