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Eco Tour in Nepal

Travel with cause No plastic bottles while Traveling

Simsime Travel one of the popular travel agency in Nepal practice the travel with cause. Where all participants in Tour contribute for the some social cause.

In the travel with cause, youth do volunteering for the cleaning the destination and making the local aware about the minimizing the impact of tourism. 

Travel and clean the destination.

if all traveler become the responsible while traveling then destination will be less harm

In one of the tour we as a team of simsime collected the water bottle Which is found around the route of tourists destination in pokhara. At that time we collect more then 500+ plastic water bottles. We are surprised  seeing that numbers of bottle.

From that day  while conducting tour we recommend the all participants to carry their own reusable bottle so that environment around destination place didn't fill with water bottle..!

No plastic water bottles while traveling.

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