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Benin Tourism: three things I would change

220921-iwaria-inc-unsplash-800 Photo by Iwaria Inc. on Unsplash

Benin is a country full of potential and tourist attractions. You only have to look at it when you leave one town to another. If I had a magic wand, the first thing I would do would be to reconstruct the way in which cultural and cultic riches are presented and seen by some of my compatriots. We must take the example of Vodoun, which is demonised by many because of certain people who use these practices to harm. This way of seeing things, which has long been supported by Western religions, has distanced many of our fellow citizens from the ancestral thing. With my magic wand, the second thing I will correct is to encourage and commit tourists to local consumption throughout their stay in Benin. They will have to eat, dress and be entertained according to Beninese values. Many tourists come to Benin and instead of living Benin, they are still locked into habits purely related to their lives in their country. With my magic wand, the third thing I will correct is to make available through virtual or augmented reality technology, the possibility for everyone to visit and see Benin from north to south, from east to west, to all Beninese and foreigners who do not have the possibility to physically move around Benin or to go to hidden gems.

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