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How to restart post-covid 19 tourism in developing countries such as Benin Republic ?


On 27th September 2022, the world celebrated World Tourism Day. Two such complicated years for the tourism industry. On this occasion, the managers of tour operators in Benin decided to reflect on the actions to be taken to restart tourism in Benin.

The association of tour operators' managers in Benin, called TOB, in collaboration with the CTM-Benin consortium tourist by millions, organised a conference at the Benin Royal Hotel on the theme of Rethinking post-Covid 19 tourism: the case of Benin.
At the conference, there were tour operators, guides, the government through its specialised agencies, institutions of the region and many others. It was a morning of exchanges to find solutions and to put together actions for an effective revival of tourism in our country.

What should we retain from this morning of conference and debate?

- An inventory of the tourism sector was made and it is judicious to note that the government of Benin is investing and will invest enough financial resources in the attractiveness of Benin.

- Sub-regional and regional opportunities exist for Benin's industry players and it is necessary to get up early and offer competitive deals.

- Local tourism must more than ever be an important element that tour operators must develop. In this respect, tour operators such as 2Morrow Trip are innovating and proposing offers accessible to all social strata.

- Digital in tourism must push actors to invest in it, innovate and at the same time propose packages that value Beninese culture and cultural heritage.

- The latest tourism offers were shared with the participants.

At 2Morrow Trip, we add our special touch which is to promote and enhance the actions that promote sustainable tourism in our country.

From this month of October onwards, we will be offering great deals for everyone to enjoy.

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